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Dangote: Building Capacity In Business, Entrepreneurship Education



Aliko Dangote

Dangote Business School in Kano has been said to be building massive capacity in Management, Finance, Marketing, E-Business, and particularly entrepreneurship and innovation in Nigeria as a whole.

Dangote Business School (DBS) was established in 2014 to promote high-level business management and entrepreneurship knowledge guided by global good practices. Although the DBS is new, the graduate programmes offered by the School existed for over three decades. The School was established to consolidate the reputation and relevance of the graduates programmes offered and also diversify into numerous disciplines related to management, entrepreneurship and globalization to better prepare corporate leaders, prospective managers, and society builders to overcome emerging challenges and also utilise global opportunities for the benefit of humanity.

Undertaken by the Aliko Dangote Foundation, the construction of the Dangote Business School in Kano is completed and to be commissioned soon.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP, the dean of Faculty of Dangote Business School, Prof. Murtala Sagagi said that there was no Business School in Bayero University, Kano (BUK) until Dangote started the project.

“We have an ambition to have a business school and we could not go ahead with the project because there was no befitting structure to accommodate the kind of dream we had but with Dangote coming in about five years ago and that was when the University decided to say this is the time to have the business school,” he said.

He noted that Kano is the second most vibrant commercial city in the country after Lagos, saying “we have industries, Banks, different type of businesses, micro, small, medium and large enterprises.

“We are having large scale investors from China, Spin and all over the world coming to Kano to make investment and this means the State needs an institution, a kind of faculty, school that can able to develop the capacity not only the management of those organisation but those people who are working in different units or department within the organisation.

“Looking at the public sector, we have limited capacity in budget, project management, which has led to things not moving well in the country. With our unique disadvantage here in Northern Nigeria, the South is far ahead in terms of capacity level, for example there are about 10 universities in Ogun State, while in Kano State we have only three Universities and all of them owned by either by the state government or federal government. It is just of recent we are getting private investors to coming in.”

Sagagi pointed out that all these show that there is a need for massive capacity building in Management, Finance, Marketing, E-Business, and particularly entrepreneurship and innovation in this part of the country and also for the entire country.

He noted further that “Bayero University has a unique reputation in the whole country and this explain why in the last National Institution Accreditation exercise, BUK became the best University in the Country, not because we have the best of everything but because of the quality of our curriculum, faculty and most importantly the quality of the students.”

He added that “the School is a great development and we hope that this business school will not only be seen as a Kano business school or Northern business school because I can tell you about 40 per cent of our students are not from Kano and more than 22 per cent of our student are from Southern part of the country.

“In our MBA programme we have students who fly into Kano from Lagos and very early on Monday morning and Sunday evening, they go back to Lagos, despite a lot of Business schools in Lagos and Southern part of the Country.”

The chief executive of the Aliko Dangote Foundation, Zouera Youssoufou recently said that the business mogul, Alhaji Aliko Dangote Business School project in the Bayero University Kano would be ready for hand over to the university management soon.

She stated that these infrastructural contributions are part of a N2 billion investment by the Aliko Dangote Foundation, across various tertiary institutions, to enhance opportunities for social change through strategic investments that improve health and well-being, promote quality education, and broaden economic empowerment opportunities.

On the Bayero Business School, the Foundation boss explained that on commencement, the business school will be only the third accredited business school in the country and the first in the North, others being University of Lagos Business School and University of Ibadan Business School.

Calling on other Nigerians, Sagagi said “my advice is people should invest especially issue related to social entrepreneurship not simply getting people queued and giving them money but put something that people can use and when they use it make their life better. Giving money to people does not help people but creating value opportunity.”

He pointed out that what Dangote Foundation is doing is helping to reduce the burden on the government, saying that government do not have the funds in building the nation.

He added that it is only the private sector that can develop the nation, calling on the private sector to invest in human capacity in social kind of development even sometimes in infrastructure development as this will make this country really great.



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