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Empowerment, Key to Grassroots Development – Adun



His Royal Highness Amb. Elbe Akparakwu Adun is a man of integrity With passion for security services and social development, He is the CEO of African Partners International Empires. In this interview by BLESSING BATURE, the seasoned entrepreneur discusses the country’s security challenges.
About the organisation.
African Partners International Empire holds a whole lots of African Development Programs one of which is the African Policing Marshal, then in Nigeria, Policing Nigeria Awareness Initiatives and beyond these we have other platforms that are identified as Afripay International Biz.Empire -an online currency trading platform and of course we have a school we called African International School of Entrepreneurial and vocational studies and we are currently working on a community project title our royalty platform called African Royal Peace Palace, it is domiciled in Niger Delta.
Over the years we have executed royalty projects that has influenced community development, economic empowerment projects, community peace projects and so many other humanitarian projects that have touched lives in one way and the other.
We engaged in transactions that cut across funding ( sponsorship), development partnership, some of which we take over business responsibilities and we share profits after execution, so if you have a project we help you to execute the project and then share the profits accruing the projects. In the area of sponsorship if you have a project you can not fund we can sponsor the funding and then share the profits as agreed. These established partnership has help us to domicile Industrial Agriculture Programs that has also given us room to relate with International Partners in the Agro Industries.
We also invest in agro industries.
Under our business platform we have a very big farm presently in Cross River and the farm is doing well, we produce so many farm produce at various capacities and these has made us to feel happy in our investment in the agro industrial sector, we have plantain farm , rice farm and we also plant bush mango called agbono in large quantity, also we have a big fish pond that is producing fish in large quantity.
Beyond these we are also going into powder mills converting plantains, yam, cocoyam, potatoes and casava into powder forms for buyers that will repackage them for export and local supply to hotels directly for pounded so these are what we have been doing in the agro industrial part of our business and for us, it keep us going and we are very find with it.
In the oil and gas aspects of our business, we do buying and selling, we buy allocations or negotiate allocations and resale or we negotiates for those who are buying and then get our profit from them.
We also have a law firm called African Partners Law Firm, the law firm handles negotiations and legal practices in various platforms, we handle lots of properties development here in Abuja and other parts of the country, we have so many consultancy development projects, we own the African Social Justice Advocacy Center, Safer Community Policing Awareness Project anchored under the African Partners Law Firm of Nigeria, also African Free Press Law Firm and they are all duly registered platforms all functioned domiciled in Nigeria handling social justice and human rights abuses matter.
We are poised to establish relationship with the grass root.
So at African Partners Empire we are poised to establishing relationship with the grass root, identify their needs and proffer solutions in a way that is life touching, like for example in our Industrial Agricultural Project, i have put food on so many people’s tables because when we identify that there were so many women who do not have even this local hole and cutlasses to farm, we provide them with those things at no cost and when we do, it gives us great supports and at the end of the day we discovered that there are so many ways of producing this local garri, so we support them with grinding machines as our own way of given back to the society.
PNAI Contributions to the National Security.
Policing Nigeria Awareness Initiative came on board in 2003 during President Olusengun Obasenjo first term in office, we started first by joining the federal government to sensitized Niger Delta community and that sensitization led to the formation of the amnesty program in Niger Delta , we were the pioneer community- based organization that participated in the amnesty development in Niger Delta and that has given us a formidable platform as a corporate organization Policing Nigeria Awareness Initiative, we also have a foundation called Egbe Akparakwu Foundation, this was the platform we were using to carry out all our community based activities in the Niger Delta.
PNAI is a PPP project between the Egbe Akparakwu foundation and the Nigerian Police, so it is a domicile project with the Nigerian Police Force and the project is officially attached to office in the force headquarters before now but we have abandoned the office because we couldn’t see the aspect of the relationship we were expected.
As security operative my take on the Fulani’s herdsmen.
 Well, i want to say that Nigeria’s problem is not herdsmen but Boko-Haram , the herdsmen killing people are the extension of BokoHaram , they are only changing operational dimension by introducing new strategy and then hiding under the influence of herdsmen, though the Fulani’s herdsmen could be a problem fine, then government should take decisive decision about it.
Challenges as CEO.
As CEO sometimes we have a whole lots of challenges to solve especially when people are looking up to you  when you are down they are all down so there are times you have these challenges, you turn round and you don’t see where to run to especially in the present circumstances where there is no money in the country, government payment are not coming, you find it difficult as a business man to meet up with the running and sustainance of organization. There are lots of challenges and in these challenges it takes a discipline and coordinative CEOs to be there , just as the saying goes tough times is meant for tough people, it is only the tough that withstand tough times it all about been resilience in all situations, there are times we invest and we loose everything and there are times we invest little and we make huge profit so we are use to taking risk and we don’t give up at any situations,  at times we may have rivals who are not happy about our business progress and so may attempt to bring you down, so one must be alert and be focused driving so that you don’t loose as a result of distractors.
We try as much as possible to be strategic in our investment decisions.