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Medview Suspends Dubai Operations, Denies Indebtedness To Gatwick



Medview Airline yesterday announced the suspension of its Dubai operations till March 24 when its aircraft, B767-300ER, returns from complete refurbishment from the United Kingdom.
Contrary to speculations, the airline also stated that it is not indebted to the authorities at Gatwick, United Kingdom, saying it has recently paid over 1.45 million pounds.
The airline equally acknowledged that it will pay another 34, 000 pounds for hotel accommodation for passengers.
Speaking at a press conference at the airline’s office in Lagos, Alhaji Muneer Bankole, managing director of the airline, said the management has informed the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and its passengers that customers who have booked with them will be flown to their destinations via interline arrangements.
Bankole, noted further that the issue which led to passengers’ stranded recently has to do with the fact that a decision was suddenly taken by Menges, its handling company at Gatwick, adding that it was regrettable that they passed an information to the airline only on approach to London.
“While we want to put the past behind us, it is imperative to say that we have issues with our European partners over the aircraft we leased from them.
From all indications, this aircraft has not be able to meet our requirements in providing the necessary capacity. The UK Civil Aviation Authority has been supportive of our efforts when it dawned on them that the issue has to do with aircraft.
“Consequently, we have taken some measures on our Lagos-London route, which will now be serviced by an alternative aircraft currently in operation, we will also maintain three weekly flights. We have shut down Dubai operations till March when our own aircraft B767-300ER christened ‘Abeke’, returns from complete refurbishment in the U.K.
“Passengers who have booked with us will be flown to their destinations via interline arrangements.
“We will continue to maintain our Jeddah schedule every Thursday via Kano until the issue of Biometric, which is now a requirement, is resolved”, he said.



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