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Rivers: Belemaoil Awards Scholarship To 374 Students In Host Communities



An indigenous oil company, Belemaoil Producing Limited, has awarded scholarships to 374 indigent students of its host communities in Rivers State.

The scholarship, which has three categories; post-graduate, undergraduate and post-primary, is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, under the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)/Belemaoil Joint Venture.

Out of the 374 beneficiaries, there are 78 post-graduates 175 under-graduates and 121 post-primary students.

Speaking during the official handing over of the scholarship cheques to beneficiaries in Port Harcourt the Rivers State capital at the weekend, the Founder/ President of Belemaoil, Mr Jack-Rich Tein Jr, stated that the scholarship is not a display of wealth, but the recognition of the important role education play in the lives of the young ones and the future of the host communities.

Twin Jr said, “We are here not just to celebrate the success that has come to them, but to also honour the privilege given to us as a company to serve. And we recognise very importantly that if you  joke with education then you are joking with future and if you fail to grab these young ones who have the enthusiasm and that flair to pursue their academic dream you are limiting the unraveling of future opportunities that they would have used to grow themselves and the society.

“And I believe very strongly that what we have come here to celebrate is not just a display of so much wealth but a display of interest; that believing in the young ones of today is unlocking the future of tomorrow and that is making the society a better place.”

He thanked all the partners, including, the National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS), NNPC host communities, youths, the bank and as well the state government and President Muhammadu Buhari , for their support. He, however, called on the beneficiaries to see the scholarship as opportunity to develop themselves and unlock their talents and not misuse it.

Fielding questions from journalists shortly after the programme, Tein Jr explained that the scholarship is worth over N100million annually, pointing out that it is both for students in Nigerian schools and abroad.

He said, “The total scholarship per annum is over a N100 million. What we have given today is over N70 million cheques and we have other students in Cyprus, we have other students in the UK, America, Canada, Ghana, Malaysia, Phillipines and in Nigerian schools. And what we have done is not just to show wealth but so that they can in turn do same for society when they come out.”

The Belemaoil boss further stated that the company is also hoping to create about 12,000 jobs if its proposal with the Presidency is approved. According to him, the Belemaoil Model is aimed at making sure the company supports the local communities where it operates.

He said, “The Belemaoil Model is all about making sure that the local communities where we operate and competent Niger Deltans are given technical opportunities to showcase their competencies such as alliance with technical companies that provide specialised types of jobs where they can partner with them and begin to provide those services.

“We also make sure that we create strategic capacity development through training for the local communities. We have also awarded scholarships like you have seen today.

“Basically as we speak now, we have our offshore floating and offloading terminal sailing to Nigeria. We are expecting to build some pipeline, we are also expecting to create some opportunities based on proposal we put forward to Mr President and we believe very strongly that Mr. President is a man that loves the Niger Delta region and he wants to see employment everywhere, he wants to see peace return very quickly, he wants to make sure that the operating communities are in harmony with the operators and with the federal government so that wealth creation can begin to improve.



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