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Farmers/Herdsmen Clash: IGP Warns Against Arming Militia



Worried by the incessant clashes between farmers and herdsmen, the Inspector General of Po- lice, (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, has warned state governments against illegal arming of militia groups.

The IGP, who gave the statement at the month- ly brie ng with Commissioners of Police (CP) in Abuja, urged the officers to be alert in order to guard against proliferation of illegal arms in their states.

According to him, “I want to commend our men for maintaining security all over the coun- try. Everybody is aware that we are entering a tedious and serious period in this country.

“Political issues are coming to the fore and I believe officers must gear up in our various locations to ensure that we provide law and order all over Nigeria.

“As police officers, we know our duties. ere is no Commissioner of Police that has served less than 20 years. We know some issues must be considered very seriously because we are coming into a political arena.

“Commands should be very conversant about arming of militia men or vigilante. Before a vigilante is established by a government, there must be a bylaw which must be passed by the House of Assembly.

“It is the responsibilty of the Commissioners of Police of Commands to study the bylaw and see how it conforms with the constitution and other laws of this country, but whereby through the connivance of some police officers, you have a command arming militia men, I think our officers have to brace up and face these challenges.

“No country or government in this country has the responsibility to approve some prohib- ited rearms for any Nigerian under any guise.

“I think it is the responsibility of CP of Commands to put a close watch on the activities of some of these governments that are arming indi- viduals which is against the laws of this country.

“All of us are aware of these prohibited firearms, you cannot give approval for any individ- ual to own a pistol or AK47 riffles. These are prohibited weapons and only the government has the authority to give such approval.