President Obasanjo talked about the lice of poor performance in government – poverty, insecurity, poor economic management, nepotism, gross dereliction of duty and condoning of misdeeds in the Buhari administration. He talked about the lack of progress and hope for the future, as well as a lack of national cohesion and poor management of internal political dynamics and widening inequality being with us.

Sadly, he did not talk about two things, or input these two factors into his didactic letter, the rst being the background of the state of the Nigerian nation before the emergence of President Buhari as well as the glaring achievements of this present administration in the same areas raised by President Obasanjo’s letter.

Except Obasanjo is trying to be clever by half, an act I deem will be unbecoming of the statesman that he is, he would otherwise know that the economy and other carps raised within the letter did not start with the Buhari administration, and if there is any Nigerian or list of Nigerians known that will broach such ‘lice’ as bandied by Obasanjo, President Buhari will not be among such a class of Nigerians. Let Obasanjo tell Nigerians what was the poverty ratio under Jonathan, Yar Adua and OBJ himself and what it is now. Before he does this, I would like the former president to bear in mind certain indices prevalent then and now.

Is Obasanjo not aware that challenges faced within the areas mentioned are fallbacks of almost 50 years of governance, 16 years of the PDP inclusive of which Obasanjo is a chief culprit.

Now, isn’t it just logical that no government can solve all of its problems spanning such years in a short period of two or three years, and even at that, is Obasanjo claiming not to be in the know of the achievements of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration in so short a time?

As I write, the Nigerian economy is on the rebound, having plunged into a recession, the economic team of President Buhari was able to pull the country out of it in less than a year. Now, if the economy was run by weak hands, would the country have pulled out of the recession in such quick a time? Would the Nigerian economy, amidst low prices of crude oil and sales, achieve an annual growth rate of 1. 4 per cent? Would the

manufacturing sector not be experiencing a decline in its capacity utilisation, whereas it has acheived its highest rate since 2014? Would the president’s men be said to be incompetent at a point where this administration’s policy of economic diversi cation is acheiving monumental success?

Another disturbing issue of the Obasanjo letter to President Buhari dwelt upon the herdsmen crisis. In the letter, the former president blamed the incumbent for the crisis, how he arrives at such conclusion, remains unknown. Now, it is a known fact that the herdsmen/ farmers’ crisis has been a recurring decimal, even before the emergence of President Buhari. But to make it look as if the President is behind the crisis or has a hidden agenda in it, is unfair and suggests to us that the former president is a petulant fault nder, one who is rather up to something sinister.

Calling on Buhari not to seek reelection, sums up an earlier submission of mine. e appeal to his age and ill health remain merely distractions. How old was Churchill when he came back to o ce a second time? Is Nigeria Obasanjo’ s personal efdom? Is President Buhari not granted the right as a

free citizen of this nation, to run and seek re-election ? Perhaps, the former president thinks that this is 2003 and 2007 where he railroaded the electorate by rigging both elections? He thinks that this is 2006 where he again tried to railroad the nation into gifting him a third term?

Obasanjo’s letter is simply hypocritical and Nigrians should see it as such.

As Alex Ekwueme Goes Home I ought to write on the call to glory of one of Nigeria’s nest politicians, Dr ALEX Ekwueme. Like him or not, Alex, as he was fondly called, was indeed in a class of his own, a consummate politician as well as a ne intellectual. A man of ideas, he surely did inspire numerous Nigerians with his immense contributions to nation.

What is however sad is that as Ide goes home, Nigeria never got to implement any of his ideas, which would have helped to further build our nation, taking it from where it is now, to where it ought to be. It is the tragedy of our nation that those who mean well for this country are never really heeded!