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Customs Dissolves Compliance Team, Set-up Special Strike Force



The Nigerian Custom Service (NCS) says it has dissolved the customs compliance team and had set up a special strike force whose mandate is to enforce anti smuggling measures on smugglers and contraband items, and expected to be a force that will step in and strike on receipt of credible intelligent information.

The customs public relations officer (PRO) Mr Joseph Attah, gave this information while delivering an exclusive interview to LEADERSHIP Weekend at the Customs headquarters in Abuja. This is coming on the wake of increasing surge in the importation of dangerous arms and ammunition including other contraband goods into the country and the grave implications it has on the security of lives and Properties in Nigeria if the growing trend is not nipped in the bud. The dexterity of these smugglers the customs say gives the service a course to rejig its strategies on a regular basis in a bid to reinforcing operational tactics.

The Nigerian customs service has being having a running battle with smugglers unwilling to lay down their acts.

Attah, reiterated on the need for Border line communities to cooperate with the Nigerian Customs Service by volunteering and giving up credible intelligence on smugglers while also frowning at the inducement going on in some of these locations by rich smugglers.  “Deployments of overt and covert strategies are needful and the NCS is making sure they are put in place to ensure that not only arms and ammunitions but anything that could affect the peace enjoyed in the daily lives of average Nigerians or to prevent these dangerous arms from getting into the hands of those who may want to use them to disrupt the upcoming 2019 general elections and of course the well being of our people. “Those things that can affect such are not to be allowed to come into the country.”

In the same vein, he also stressed on the need for compliance with the Laws of the land in doing businesses of importation. “If you are going to import anything into the country try to import those things that are allowed by law and especially for those who smuggle dangerous things. Any money you get from importing by bringing in illegally arms and ammunitions, bringing in dangerous drugs is blood money; you make money at the expense of life. You never know on who the weapons you import will be used. Hence forth the special strike force will respond as soon as it gets credible intelligent information on activities of smugglers, he said.

He assured the public that the force will use the best scanning technologies to ensure nothing goes unnoticed; also advance technologies will be used to make sure importers who also declared falsely their contents are also caught.

The customs spokesman called on Nigerians to back the customs and stop supporting smugglers.





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