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Edo Ex-Militants Raise Alarm Over plot To Oust Head of Onshore 



Ex-militants from Edo, Rivers, Bayelsa, Ondo and Delta states, yesterday raised the alarm over plot by unknown group of persons to remove the head of Onshore Education Unit, Major Hassan Kesiena Mowarin rtd from the office of the Amnesty Programme of the federal government.


Leader of the group, from Atangbala Camp, Mr. Atangbala One raised the allegation while briefing newsmen in Benin City, the Edo State capital.


He said since Mowarin assumed office as the head of the Onshore Education Unit of the Amnesty Programme of the federal government, he has brought his wealth of knowledge to bear leading to the tremendous improvement witnessed in the scheme.


The ex-militant boss, Atangbala said that his choice by President Muhammadu Buhari was an indication that the current leadership of the country means well for the people of the Niger Delta region.


The repented militant leader said because of his good work, some few individual do not want him there as the  head of the Onshore Education Unit of the Amnesty Programme.


He said in order to make sure that those who are true beneficiaries of the Amnesty Programme are selected for the scheme, Maj. Mowarin have been fighting feverishly against the commercialization of admission process for amnesty sponsorship which was supposed to be free for the genuine delegates for the program but has since been hijacked by a cabal of some few persons who sell the beneficiary codes of the poor children of the Niger Delta to their cronies.


Atangbala alleged that the few cabal in the system, place them in schools and subsequently force them to remit the sum of N30, 000 to N40,000 monthly to them.


The ex-militant leader said because they know that Mowarin has vigor and the ability to ensure that the scheme lives up to its billings and those who are true beneficiaries of the scheme are given their rights, the few cabals who do not mean well for the people of the region have gone as far as paying for on-line media, smear publications and also  paying some uninformed persons to stage protest against him all in attempt to remove him and continue with their “blood money business” .


The ex-militant added that he obviously fought against their corrupt practices and on that reason, they have embarked on a smear campaign against his person because they have already collected so much money from the poor children and now, have to deliver otherwise.


He however pleaded with the President Muhammadu  Buhari not to listen to those calling for his (Mowarin) removal as those who are doing that do not mean well for the people of the oil producing states.





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