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Concerned Kaduna Indigenes Begin Move To Recall Shehu Sani Over PMB



A group under the auspices of ‘Concerned Indigenes of Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone’ on Monday, vowed that they will begin the process for the recall of Senator representing the zone, Senator Shehu Sani from the National Assembly, over non performance in the last three years.

They also accused Sani of criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari and his All Progressives Congress (APC) led government.

The group leader, Aliyu Saidu, who claimed to be Senator Sani’s former Deputy Campaign Director in the 2015 election, accused the senator of joining forces with President Buhari’s enemies to ridicule the present government.

Saidu, said it was regrettable that since the senator assumed his representative function at the National Assembly, he had yet to achieve anything tangible to show except “his social media posts”  attacking the party and  President, Muhammadu Buhari.

He explained that since the party had failed to released its sledge hammer on the senator for all his atrocities against the APC and Buhari,  as concerned citizens of his constituency, they would spearhead the process of recall him(Sani) back.

He added that instead of  the senator investing his legislative resources and privileges to better the conditions of his constituents, he preferred to be at the forefront of pulling down his party and leaders.

Saidu,however,vowed that Sani’s constituents will teach him a bitter lesson of his life by recalling him from the National Assembly:”I will like to begin this address by drawing your attention to the fact that I was at the heart of Senator Shehu Sani’s campaign machinery in the capacity as Deputy Director General of his campaign team.

“Instead of investing his legislative resources and privileges towards deepening our legislative culture and uplifting the conditions of his constituents, he becomes the foster boy of President Buhari’s enemies, always amplifying the challenges we are facing while ignoring the many progress the Buhari-led administration is making in order  to portray the government as incompetent and clueless.

“No individual, no matter how highly positioned is above the party. We therefore call on the party to initiate disciplinary action against the senator because allowing thus madness to go unpunished will only embolden other rebels.

“We the people of Kaduna Central are saying enough is enough. Senator Shehu Sani’s three years in the Senate have been nothing but betrayal and a crime against our people.

“This recall process will proceed apace. There is no quitting, no giving up and surrendering until we restore our Kaduna Central, the kind of representation it deserves.”

Asked if their move would not jeopardise the peace move of President Buhari, the group leader said, “we cannot wait for any committee of reconciliation because time is moving and by the time the report is ready, election would have been around the corner.” the group declared.

Reacting,Senator Shehu Sani, said he would continue to criticize the anti-peoples policy of the government.

Speaking through his Senior Special Adviser on Politics and Ideology, Alhaji Suleiman Ahmed, at the Nigeria Union of Journalists’ Secretariat, Kaduna on Monday,Sani said: “It is regrettable that the government feel they should be using jobless youths, (that we are fighting for to make their lives better), in attacking the senator.

“The issue of recall is nothing new. We are not deterred by the threat at all because its being the usual trend. We will continue to challenge any anti-people policy both in the state and the country.The senator would not dance to the tune of the party simply because he is from the same party with the governor or the president.” Sani said.