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ULC Commends PMB Over Executive Order Barring Foreign Workers



The United Labour Congress of Nigeria (ULC), have commended President Muhammadu Buhari for signing the Executive Order barring foreigners from taking jobs that could be performed by Nigerians.

The ULC president, Comrade Joe Ajaero, stated this in a press statement signed and sent to LEADERSHIP in Lagos, saying that is a laudable development not just to Nigeria but to all workers, this bold initiative which is in furtherance of government’s drive to domesticate and Nigerianize the consumption and purchasing patterns by focusing on promoting local content.

Ajaero said that the backdrop of the overwhelming statistics that shows that unemployment in the Country has become a major challenge put at nearly 30 percent on the average and when segregated puts the youth at 75 percent while women are at 65 percent.

According to him “These were products of the dwindling capacity of our local business activities to create enough jobs to retain old workers, absorb the already unemployed and engage the new entrants into the job market increasing the unemployment queue leaving the pool bursting at its seems”.

“All Nigerians are aware of the dangers which this poses to our nation’s security. We are also aware of the challenges it poses to our youth, families and society including the emotional trauma that is associated with joblessness. The denial of the leeway to participate in the nation’s economic sphere for (85 Million Nigerians) nearly half of the nation’s population through unemployment is indeed an ugly sceptre which any serious government would want to do something about”.

He disclosed that the President has demonstrated a sound knowledge of one of the keys to the national development which is the deepening of the internal human capacities and domesticating of the various production processes. This will definitely create more jobs for Nigerians and stop the leakages of Nigerian jobs abroad. It will work to stop the continuing sabotage of the nation by some international organisations and certain Nigerian entities. When more Nigerians are employed, internal human capacities are enhanced ensuring that such skills are transmitted from generation to generation. It also empowers Nigerians building a middle class in the process that would create the pivot that would drive the nation’s industrialisation effort.

He said that ULC noted repeatedly and has drawn the attention of the government to the various anti-Nigeria practices going on in respective workplaces especially in foreign owned entities. “We have talked about the implications of this for national development and have pleaded that something be done urgently to stymy this wickedness before it destroys our nation eventually”.

He urged the federal government to quickly go beyond this Order and take steps towards ensuring that it is action is felt in the workplaces. It is policies that if pursued with vigour will truly make serious impact in many areas of nation’s industrial processes thus bolster our collective quest for development as a nation.

ULC President then called for a national audit of the workplaces to discover organisations that are involved in this sabotage and haemorrhaging of jobs. “The ULC is willing to offer its expertise free of charge to the federal Government in this regard as part of contribution to national development and the ultimate goal of protecting the job of Nigerian workers.

Ajaero urged other Ministries to  come on board, the Ministry of foreign affairs and indeed the Internal Affairs Ministry which controls the immigration department must all be made to wake up to the reality of the danger which this poses as a nation.



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