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OBJ, IBB Time To Leave Nigerians To Decide



In the past one month, former presidents, Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida have called on President Muhammadu Buhari not to run in 2019.

In his own letter, Obasanjo called on Buhari to mount from the horse and pave way for a new leadership in 2019 and also called for a new movement to take Nigeria to the promised land.

On his part, IBB said Buhari should pave way for digital leadership in 2019. Of course, he was indirectly saying that Buhari’s leadership is analogue.

Both letters have continued to generate reactions and debates in the polity .While Obasanjo ‘s letter was blunt, IBB’s  ended up embarrassing him and ended up scoring an own goal with two letters. There have been denials and counter- denials from his camp but at the end of the day, I don’t think anybody will take any intervention from the Minna General serious anymore.

I perfectly understand IBB telling Buhari not to run in 2019.; don’t forget IBB is a staunch PDP member and unlike Obasanjo has not torn his party’s membership cards .So, do you expect him to support Buhari to run against his party? It’s no secret that IBB and Buhari are not friends and can never be friends.

But did you notice that both men effectively shut out former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar from the presidency in 2019. It’s like Atiku has entered a one chance bus.

But what do IBB and Obasanjo have in common? Let me give you a brief profile of the two generals.

Babangida ruled Nigeria for eight years and never wanted to leave power.

But he was forced to leave after annulling the June 12 presidential election  .Obasanjo on the other hand, ruled for two terms and wanted to amend the constitution to run for a third time.

Since then, he had been bitter and has never forgiven Nigerians for denying him his ambitious third term, even though illegal.

Secondly, two of the biggest corruption scandals in the history of Nigeria happened under the watch of Obasanjo.

So,  is it  not funny that two men who never wanted to leave power are advising Buhari not to run for a second term which the constitution gives him the right to?

There is nothing new that both men wrote in their letters. They just gauged the mood of the nation .However, both men lack the moral right to advise Buhari not to run for a second term.

Buhari has so far failed to live up to expectations but Nigerians should decide if they want him to continue or not. For how long will these two generals decide the fate of 180 million Nigerians? I have said before on this page that any candidate propped up by either Obasanjo or IBB in 2019 should be rejected by Nigerians. Both men should concentrate on their businesses and families and allow Nigerians to decide their fate.

According to an African proverb, If a man chases his first and then his second wife out of the house, then the problem is with the man and not the wives. To Obasanjo, all Nigerian presidents apart from him, are performing below expectations as he is the only “saint” among sinners.

Both men telling Buhari not to run is insignificant. They should tell us who they are supporting so that we will put their candidate side by side with Buhari and let Nigerians decide by their vote.

Both men should mount from the saddle of politics and stop trying to manipulate Nigerians. Enough is Enough.



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