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Cleric Urges Nigerians To Vote Out Selfish Leaders



Nigerians have been enjoined to take back leadership from selfish leaders who have rendered the country desolate and turned many talented youths into political thugs, violent cultists, kidnappers and street urchins.

Rev. Fr. George Ehusani, Executive Director, Lux Terra Leadership Foundation made this call while delivering a paper titled; Ethnic Nationality, Federal Character and the Imperative of Restructuring, at the launch of the 2018 Lenten Guide organised by Caritas Nigeria to mark the 40 days Lenten journey.

Ehusani who also said that the unity of the Nigerian State is once again seriously compromised by deep cleavages that appear along ethnic and religious lines, explained that with the mega challenge of terrorist insurgency in the north, secessionist agitations in the east and the marauding Fulani herdsmen violence in the middle belt, there is commonwealth and strident call from practically every quarter for restructuring of the Nigerian polity.

According to Ehusani, the starting point of any serious restructuring programme in Nigeria should be for Nigerians to tell the professional politicians who have not done any good for the country that enough is enough.

He further said that a governing system that does not recognise the priority of the common good over and against individual and group good, should definitely be restructured, that a governing system that does not practice equality and create equal opportunities for all, including those who belong to the minority group is long overdue for restructuring.

“A governing system that does not elevate and reward merit and character, but promote a culture of sharing, allocation and entitlement, such as governing system will soon be overthrow, or ultimately self-destruct, as amply demonstrated in our country today.

“What Nigeria needs today as it careens under the strain of a knocking engine, are the technicians and engineers from anywhere to fix the problems.

“What Nigeria needs today in its current debility and dysfunctions are the best physicians who have all its takes to fix the cancers and ulcers that beset our nation, not partisan quarks or career politicians who are nothing but baleful parasites, notorious for devouring the very sheep over which they are placed as Shepherds.

“We have not been blessed by in good measure with sensible leaders who would run government structures where everyone counts, where everyone is included, and where there is equal opportunity and equal access for persons from all constituent parts of the geo-political entity, even as we claim to have a federation, which we operate perhaps only in its breach,” he said.