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Iran, Greatest Threat To The World – Netanyahu



Benjamin Netanyahu , Israeli prime minister, has labelled Iran “the greatest threat to the world” in his address to the Munich Security Conference in Germany.

Comparing Iran to Nazi Germany, Netanyahu said yesterday that Iran advocates “master faith” just like Nazi Germany used to advocate “master race”.

“The commander of the Revolutionary Guard, [Mohammad] Ali Jafari, said: ‘We are on the path to the rule of Islam worldwide’ … I think it is in my judgement the greatest threat to our world,” he said.

Listing the countries in which he said

Iran was a troublemaker, he said “nowhere is Iran’s belligerent ambitions clearer than in Syria”.

“There, Iran hopes to complete a contiguous empire, linking Tehran to Tartus, the Caspian to the Mediterranean,” he said, adding that Israel would “continue to prevent Iran from establishing a permanent presence in Syria”.

“Israel will continue to act to prevent Iran from establishing another terror base from which to threaten Israel,” he said.

“We will act without hesitation to defend ourselves. And we will act if necessary not just against Iran’s proxies that are attacking us, but against Iran itself.”

Speaking at the conference later on Sunday, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iranian foreign minister, said “cartoonish” attacks on Iran did not deserve a response.

“You were the audience for a cartoonish circus just this morning which does not even deserve the dignity of a response,” he said.

Meanwhile, Israeli police have arrested several senior executives from Bezeq, the country’s biggest telecommunications company, as part of a probe investigating the company’s ties to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu .

New information revealed by the Israel Securities Authorities (ISA) led to the arrest of the officials, which include two close associates of Netanyahu – but a gag order in place has not allowed for further details to be released.

Investigators are looking into allegations that the telecommunications giant received benefits for providing positive media coverage of the prime minister.

Netanyahu’s associate Shlomo Filber, director-general of Israel’s communications ministry, is accused of providing Bezeq with favourable treatment. Filber is alleged to have provided Bezeq with confidential documents.

The c orruption case , known as case 4,000, is the fourth of its kind in which Netanyahu is a suspect. As of Sunday, both the police and the ISA are working together on the case.

The investigation is also looking into Netanyahu’s relationship with Shaul Elovitch, the controlling shareholder of Bezeq.

The telecommunications company also owns the Israeli news website, Walla.

According to the Israeli daily, Haaretz, Walla’s chief executive is expected to be a key witness in the Bezeq case.

Last week, Israeli police recommended the incitement of Netanyahu for bribery.



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