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APC Blasts PDP Over State Of The Nation Allegations



The governing All Progressives Congress (APC) has debunked the assertions from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that the federal government is ‘’making plans to manipulate performance indices”, saying the allegations are wild and unsubstantiated. The party also stated that in a bid to launch itself back to political space, the PDP has resorted to engaging in “destructive propaganda, deliberately spreading false, misleading and fabricated tales withintent to cause resentments, distrust and panic in the country.”

In a statement entitled “Re: PDP’s Wild Allegations On State Of The Nation” and signed by the party’s national publicity secretary, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, and released to newsmen in Abuja, the APC questioned the motive of the PDP’s assertions on the party’s handling of the economy. “It’s either that PDP dooe not realise that allegations such as this are capable of eroding confidence in the economy or they just don’t care as long as their desperate bid to return to power is served.”

The statement reads in part: “In the name of playing opposition, the PDP has typically chosen to launch itself back into reckoning by engaging in destructive propaganda, deliberately spreading false, misleading and fabricated tales with intent to cause resentments, distrust and panic in the country. “While APC recognises the right of the PDP and indeed any other political party to criticise and our party, and the policies and programmes of our government, however, we believe this should be done based on facts and reason. Indeed, democracy thrives on a strong opposition that puts the government on its toes. But engaging in wild propaganda, cooked up tales and deliberate falsehoods in the name of opposing the government is ultimately destructive.

“While we do not speak for the INEC, we wish to state however that it borders on cheap blackmail for PDP to launch wholesale attack on the integrity of this institution in the way it has done. INEC is certainly not yet the perfect institution that we all aspire to. However, it appears that to PDP, INEC can only be good enough if PDP wins election.”
Abdullahi noted that the party’s position remained that anyone found to have violated any aspect of the Electoral Act should be dealt with in accordance with the law, adding that it was strange that the PDP has also faulted the EFCC’s offer of assistance to INEC to monitor campaigns funds. He insisted that APC welcomed any measures taken to ensure transparency in electoral financing.

“Most shockingly, PDP alleges that the federal government is making plans to “manipulate performance indices” and even claims that government has hired agents for this assignment. How low can they get? The country’s slide and subsequent exit from recession was announced by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) under this same
government,” it added.



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