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JMPP ’ll Completely Eliminate Corruption In Nigeria – Ijagbemi



In this interview with TUNDE OGUNTOLA and EMAMEH GABRIEL, the acting chairman, Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP), Dr Olusegun Ijagbemi, disclosed that when the party takes over the leadership of the country in 2019, it will completely eliminate corruption in Nigeria. He also added that the party will fight impunity and mismanagement of national wealth and assets.

What is your assessment of governance in Nigeria?

Governance in the country should be assessed from the day Nigeria was created. Nigeria is not an accidental discharge, Nigeria was created consciously by God and he said Nigeria was his first creation in the world.

Nigeria was the venue of the Garden of Eden that was created. It will shock you to know that Nigeria was the first creation in the world, after the creation of Nigeria, then Ethiopia was created.

The governance that has failed started from the Garden of Eden, when Eve deceived Adam. You see, that is why in the sin of the world, Nigeria, the black man, is sharing the greatest punishment.

God made the black man to become a slave to the rest of the world. So sad, we are enslaved to go to Europe, America and so on. Up till today, the black race is seen as a model of backwardness, poverty, deprivation.

There is nothing good that is seen to be reckoned with a black man because of that sin and up till the time that we even got independence, our nation was sold into sin again between the Royal Larger Company and their British people that traded us in exchange. They sold us among themselves and Nigeria was sold to the marine kingdom at that time. The story is known by everybody and so, there is nobody that will rule Nigeria without connection with either something occultic, they use human heads, human body, human blood, babies and the rest. You know, you have to worship something or a god before you can have power in Nigeria. That has been the regime of man since the time we lost it with God, we are struggling to make it through those means to approach God and God says all that will end in 2019. He wants to start his own era which we call the era of God Almighty and so the vision came that we should gather men and women that fear God as Christians or Muslims under the same umbrella. The era of God is going to bring a great reunion, a great peace and when we run this nation under His instructions, He is going to make us so rich that other nations will envy us. He is going to restore the dignity of the black man beginning from Nigeria to the extent that after 36 years, Nigeria will be the best nation, and other nations will be impressed to come and live here because Nigeria will be the most favourable country in the world within few years.


What can be done to improve the wellbeing and living standard of Nigerians?

Our country, Nigeria, by now, should have been a rallying point for all blacks in the world. Is it our abundant natural and human resources that we should talk about or the fertile land mass that spreads across from Abeokuta to Abakaliki, from Ebonyi to Argungu, from Ibadan to Otukpo and other cities that we should consider? For these and more, we eulogise the name of God Almighty for his blessing over us as a nation and a people. The fundamental questions are, despite all the aforementioned blessings, what is wrong within us? Why is it that our youths still roam about without good employment or any kind of employment for that matter? Why is it that the largest percentage of our population is living in abject poverty? Why have we made our nation and nationalities the laughing stock of the world! The Almighty, in His infinite wisdom, has founded the Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) at this critical time of our national history to provide answers to these burning questions among others. Enough is enough!


How is your party going to reposition the country?

There are lots of moves among all groups in Nigeria on the need to restructure the country. To us at JMPP, we believe that restructuring must start with the heart of leadership and that is why we call it leadership regulation. If you do not restructure the leaders, they will take the same virus that they are using at the centre to those regions. The people shouting for restructuring under the present structure do not know what is happening. If you restructure this country under the present nature of Nigeria, you have done nothing, you are just pushing the common man to further suffering where he will be regionally oppressed, regionally dominated, so our believe is that we must first restructure the leaders through what we call ‘12 pillars of Oath’. We will introduce ‘12 Pillars of Oath’ upon which the victory of this party is founded, to be able to address all manner of injustices existing in our great nation, Nigeria.

These include the injustice of poor infrastructural provision in one of the wealthiest nations on earth, the injustice of poor education or lack of it, the injustice of gender imbalance, the injustice of lack of access to healthcare and poor healthcare provision, the injustice of imbalanced opportunities irrespective of religion or ethnic group, the injustice in the distribution of the wealth of the nation that has turned virtually the entire nation into deep poverty and the devastating injustice of corruption, to mention just a few. All forms of injustices shall come to an end in Nigeria. Under JMPP administration, Nigeria shall experience real peace among the various ethnic nationalities because there is enough room for everyone to thrive and dwell in peace and safety without inter-ethnic killings and reprisals. The great task is to ensure that your members formally register with the party and most importantly, empower themselves by obtaining their voter’ cards from INEC. Be in charge, take control of affairs in your various states and also take the message to every nook and cranny of your local government councils, towns and villages in your respective states. I have so much conviction that very soon, our party will be the only household name, fully established everywhere in Nigeria and beyond.

In other words, we will be able to tell God that it is not the usual oath that they say, “so help me God”. If you commit a crime or steal anything belonging to government, let the following happen to me: “let the soil of Nigeria witness it that I have stolen, let the sun that am under now witness it that I have stolen and the blood of the innocent Nigerians will judge.”


Is there any improvement in security and education and if there is any anomaly, how do we correct it?

It is the ‘pillars of oath’ that will first make the funds to use available. If everybody has sworn not to steal one naira, then the money will be available to be able to do these things. I know it is possible because in my own life career, I was able to resist up to two million dollars bribe. When we were forming this party, half of those people who started this party have left, they said it is not possible to run government without stealing and I gave them my testimony that it is possible. I have been exposed to the temptation to two million dollars and I said no. Just to sustain this nation, you know and because of that, I know it is possible to do it again, even if it is two billion dollars this time around.


What about the issue of security?

Now, the problem we have in Nigeria is that we don’t know what we have. Nigeria is one of the countries of the world that are the most blessed. The number of resources available in Nigeria is not present anywhere else, this is the richest country. So, in terms of how do we manage the resources and get it to the people, this is what we have needed to be able to get leaders to take the appropriate decisions. If we come to power, the first thing we are going to do is to see the resources of Nigeria, not as a threat to Nigerians, but as an asset. So, we have just named one of them cows.

The cows that we have in Nigeria are not threats to Nigerians. These cows are assets, they are economic assets. What the government should do is to partner with the Fulanis to be able to harness this energy and let it be reflected in our GDP so that everybody can benefit. The Fulani man has so many cows he does not know where to keep them and you are watching them, the solutions is not to be killing the herdsmen, the solution is not in killing of their cows, the solution is not in killing of the farmers but in the government that has the intellect to manage these resources to the benefit of the nation. So, that is how we are going to see every resource that is present in Nigeria as a party.


The ‘12 Pillars Of Oath’ you mentioned, how will it help us fight corruption?

It is more than what I have said. There will be zero corruption and people will like themselves because their leaders never stole anything. Nigeria will witness the death of some of their leaders on television, in their rooms, people who stole money. The fact that they stole government money and they died, the money that would have gone to the widows, you stole it, the money that would have gone to the blind, you stole it. So, they will notice that their leaders are dying, and the money that they promised them is getting to them. They will also notice that the minimum quality of roads in Nigeria is just like the one between the airport and the town. That is going to be the roads that we will have in Nigeria, both in the villages and cities. The minimum qualities of hospitals will be the one that you can call National Hospital and say Nigeria will be the best nation in Africa. So, how can people not be happy when there is no room for corruption?


In brief, can you give us the mission and vision of the party in one word?

This party is to create a new Nigeria that nobody has ever seen before. A new nation that people can never believe that humans have such a unique kind of heart, and knowledge. We have a deposit of human beings in Nigeria that is wasting away, people of intellect. We are going to invest in education, educating the teachers, children in technology of education. You know we are going to be the best in ICT. First to the people involved in education before we give it to the public. So, we are going to change the mindset of our people as individuals to believe in themselves that they are the best quality of flesh on earth.


The black man will no longer look at himself as another dog anywhere he goes, first you must see yourself as being on top as the best material God has ever produced. So, we have to change the mindset of Nigerians and then change Nigeria itself because we will not steal a dime from the nation’s purse. The money will be made available; we are going to be richer than what we are now.


When is the party’s convention coming up?


Our convention is to attract participation from every state, it is to ratify all our positions. That is why I am still being called acting chairman until the day of the convention. We have given INEC 21 days notice, so we are looking at maybe March 21. It will be in March for sure and the world will see.