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I Will Make Delta Business And Tourism Destination – Oghenejodiakpo



Dr Obire Oghenejodiakpo is a Delta State governorship aspirant on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC). Oghenejodiakpo, who hails from Ovu in Ethiope East local government area, is the president of Greater Delta Foundation. In this interview with LEADERSHIP, he talks about his aspiration for a modern Delta State, saying he will make Delta business and tourism destination.

You are aspiring to be governor of Delta State. What difference are you going to make?

I believe in the dream of a modern Delta State. With the kind of vision I have for my people, I can actually make a modern Delta a reality. I have the dream to make Delta a business and tourism hub. There are lots of great opportunities in Delta State which none of the previous administrations have been able to look into. The issue of making a greater Delta requires thinking out of the box, especially finding out the economy of each community, each city and each village; that is what the people get back as dividends of democracy. If you build roads, you put street lights and it doesn’t change the economy of the people, you have not done anything. I want to concentrate on the economic viability of the people, I want to give the people of Delta State independence when it comes to economy. They don’t have to look towards government, they should be able to do things around them and make money to make a living.

Is your idea of modern Delta anything different from what Emmanuel Uduaghan had, ‘Delta Beyond Oil’?

Yes, it is far far different. Delta beyond oil is a tale which can never be achieved even within eight years of his tenure, he could not make a difference with Delta beyond oil. Like I said, right now the issue of economic improvement is not about giving money to people. When you talk about empowerment, people think they will give you money, motorcycle, hairdressing machine and the like but these are not empowerment. You do not know what the people want, you do not know their desire, you just do things for them. You are not making an impact but I have taken time to study every village, every town, every community in Delta state and I know what drives their economy and that is what I am going to improve.

How do you intend to realise your aspiration?

I believe that first of all, credibility matters. The people are tired of recycling, the youths are bleeding, the youths have been relegated to carrying ballot boxes,killing and maiming people, doing all sort of political thuggery. If you look at the bracket of people that do all these things, there are no women, no children and no elders but only the youths. I want to give Delta a youthful governance, I want to bring all the youths and make them feel that they can actually do something for themselves and also see themselves as leaders of tomorrow and not thugs, not followers of political leaders and all that and the end just shift them to the corner. I want to run government where you will see my cabinet made up of people within the ages of 25 to 40 years.

What are you chances?

I have great chances, one is the fact that I’m young, vibrant, successful and I have a great vision which is to make Delta a better place.

What platform are you running for the election?

I am running under the platform of All Progressives Congress APC.

APC has a great chance in Delta state because since the creation of the state to the political era till this day, it has been the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the PDP as a party has failed the people most especially this present governor. He is not doing well, he has failed the people. Nobody wants to hear about PDP in Delta state, so APC stands a greater chance of winning elections in Delta state if they feature people like me but if they feature people or recycle the same old people that were part of the PDP in 18 years then it is going to be a tough battle because they cannot look Okowa and say you are a thief but I can look at him and call him a thief and he cannot call me back because I have never soiled my hands, I have never been part of them.

How do you intend to about the ticket?

APC ticket is about politics, everybody is playing it. Everybody knows their onions. Everybody is moving their own ways, I know where I perch my tent and their is only one leader in Delta state and that is

Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, the flag bearer of the 2015 Huber elections. He is the one leader in Delta State that I  recognise as a leader of the state as far as APC is concerned and I perch my tent with him. My loyalty is to him and the state executive; so I stand a great chance to get the ticket.

What is your message to Deltans?

My message to Deltans is that there is hope. There should believe me because I will do things differently. Right from the moment I step into government house, they will understand that yes somebody is sitting there and Delta will be made a destination hub for business and tourism.