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An Uphill Task Getting German Businesses To Invest In Nigeria – German Amb



… Says Southern States, Exo, Delta states, Have High Prevalence Of Illegal Migration
German Ambassador to Nigeria, Bernhard Schlagheck, says it has been an uphill task persuading German enterprises to invest in Nigeria, depite her recent exit from economic recession.
Besides encouraging German investors to invest in Nigeria, the embassy aims to strengthen (legal) migration by by changing the mindset of Nigerians against illegal migration, which he describes as ‘a stain on humanity’.
“Because Germans are risk averse, accurate and profound investors,” the ambassador says they remain sceptical of Nigeria’s economy, noting that things could be better. He,  however, observed they might have convinced some investors with some difficulty.
Migration remains Germany’s focus in 2018 since it embarked on the issue two years ago with a visit by the German official to the ECOWAS Commission in the last quarter of 2016. Schlagheck says though migration is high on the embassy’s agenda, it is not the sole focus.
“We want to strengthen (legal) migration because irregular or illegal migration is horrendous. It leads to most migrants ending up in Libya in unbearable slavery. We want to contribute to the mind change of the people. “
Revealing southern states in Nigeria in particular, Edo and Delta states, show higher prevalence to irregular migration, Schlagheck says besides changing mindsets that ‘irregular migration is not the way to proceed and is a stain to humanity’, the embassy will engage training centers in the southern and other parts of Nigeria to help dissuade illegal migrants.
The Embassy he added is working with federal and state governments, the EU, UN agencies and others in fine-tuning a common approach to tackling irregular migration.
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