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Nigerians Still Have Confidence In NLC – Wabba



President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Ayuba Wabba has said despite the various challenges facing the country’s labour centre, workers and Nigerians alike still believe in its ability to champion their cause.

Wabba made the declaration in an interview with LEADERSHIP ahead of events marking the NLC 40th anniversary celebration.

He said the Congress has had its up and down in the last 40 years, but stressed that the anniversary will avail the Congress the opportunity to assess its self.

He said, “looking at where we are coming from, we have fought a lot of battles, some we have won, some we have lost. We have made a lot of progress. NLC is a household name. When Nigerians have problem, they want to know what the NLC is doing. This shows how relevant the organization is.”

He said the Congress is looking at the various challenges which it has passed through

He said further, “We are using the period to try to reflect on the processes of development within our movement. But also the changing world of work which requires that there must be an appraisal. Clearly speaking, it is like trying to look at the various challenges that we have been able to pass through, the successes and looking into the future to see what we need to do to continue to remain relevant

On how relevant the NLC remains in today’s world of work,  Wabba said, “this organization is as relevant as it is in 1978 as it is now. You don’t even have viable political options that will be able to engage the system. In most cases, even when husbands and wives fight, you see them coming to this office asking what the NLC is doing

“It will continue to be relevant because exploitation will not end. Exploitation is on the increase. Neoliberal policies is on the increase, and therefore the condition of Nigerian workers will continue to be attacked. And so they need protection. They need their union

“Going forward, it is obvious we cannot win the battle ahead with a divided house or where workers will be docile. Workers must”



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