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Strange Illness Befalls Father Over Son’s refusal To Become ‘Chief Priest’



A father of five children, Mr Cosmas Nwachukwu, from Umuokpu- Nkume community in Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State, is seriously ill with a strange aliment, due to his refusal of the son, John Kennedy Chimezie Nwachukwu to preside as ‘chief priest’ to an ancestral deadly deity called ‘Agwunshr’.

It was gathered that John Kennedy Chikezie Nwachukwu, who escaped on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 from his community, Umuokpu- Nkume in Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State, to unknown destination to avoid the kinsmen and oracle worshiper’s insistence to abide by the laid down traditional rite against  his faith, has refused to return home. With the wide spread of Christianity in Nigeria and globally, it is absurd that some deities like the deadly ‘Agwunshr’ (Afor-Ukwu) still claim supremacy over people’s lives in this 21st century.

Further information revealed that Mr John Kennedy, who could not withstand the unwarranted threats after the demise of his grandfather and former ‘Chief Priest’ (Late Cyrian Mmokwu) earlier, put in a stout resistance to bow down as the next deity representative and rather resorted to abandoning his country home in protest.

But, as a result of this, the oracle in alternative was said to have attacked his biological father (Cosmas) with a strange ailment as a warning signal to bring back the son (John Kennedy) to assume the awaiting vacant position. Meanwhile, at the time of filing this report, the health of the father of the absconded son, has defied several local therapies before his transfer to an undisclosed major teaching Hospital in Nigeria for further medical attention.