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Culture, A Foundation In Education System



The Principal of Junior Secondary School, Jibi, Abuja, Prince Abdullahi Gbenga, has said Culture is a sure foundation in educational system a child should have knowledge of. He said that a child that has no knowledge of his or her culture, is like a building without a solid foundation. Speaking at the school’s maiden cultural day held recently in Abuja tagged: ‘The Role of Culture in Education’, the principal added that children in turn, miss out when they are not taught in a proper way. According to him, ‘’We thought it wise to organise a cultural day for our students because most of them are not opportune to learn it at home.” Adding that most parents are more interested in western education than teaching their children culture. ‘’Most of them do not know what their cultural attire looks like or how to communicate in their dialect, that’s why we decided to organise a cultural day to teach them some of the basis in culture,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, it was a galaxy of colours, competition of sorts, cultural attires of all parts of Nigeria were represented. The beauty of it was that each of the students dressed in distinct tribal attires including the Principal of the school. The talking drums and different types of musical equipment from a distance welcomed guests, staff and students to the cultural day from the main gate of the MD Abubakar Barracks. The untarred road, which was very dusty, provided powder for some people’s feet which were covered with dust but the highly enthusiastic students danced to the rhythms of music booming out of the loudspeakers which were provided. Gbenga stated that language, with its complexity and implications for
identifications, education, development and more are strategically important. Our linguistic diversity is a source of strength that must be properly harnessed. This strength finds expression in our folk laws, lyrics, idioms, proverbs and even literature in diverse Nigerian languages. So, in Nigeria today, there are Yoruba literature, Efik, Ibo, Hausa literature as components of Nigerian literature.



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