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ITF Refocuses Model Skills Training Centre



…Now awards national innovative diploma certificate

The Industrial Training Fund (ITF) said it has refocused its Model Skills Training Centre (MSTC) especially in the area of educational training.

The Fund said since 2016, it has secured the approval of the National Board for Technical Education ((NBTE) to award the National Innovative Diploma Certificate which is equivalent to the national diploma in polytechnics.

This disclosure was made by the deputy director, Training, ITF, Lami Dakwak Selle, penultimate week during a tour of the ITF Model Skills Training Centre (MSTC) facilities by the media in Abuja.

According to her, based on the approval from NBTE, under the NIDC,MSTC now offers programmes in electronics and computer networking, facility technology, mechatronics automation technology, hospitality and tourism, building construction technology, welding and fabrication technology, computer software and computer hardware engineering.

Selle also disclosed that apart from the NIDC, the Fund sought and secured approval from NBTE to award the National Vocational Certificate (NVC). The NVC, she emphasized, was to prepare prospective students for the NIDC. People under this programme can come in at different entry levels.

“It is a programme that is not rigid, it takes care of people that are working in the industries, it takes care of people that wants to reskill, or up skill. The NVC certificate also prepares students that maybe dropped out of secondary school and could not finish. They will be able to come in and do the part 1, part 2, or part 3 of this programme.

“The NVC programme prepares them for the National Innovative Diploma certificate, if they are able to finish the part 3 of the programme, they will be able to enroll for the National Innovative Diploma programme.

“They can also come to the MSTC for just three months and do a modular programme and after that, they are given a certificate of competency,” she explained.

According to her, the aim was to domesticate the Institute of Technical Education programme of Singapore “So that we don’t continue running to Singapore. They are  still our partner; they come in audit and commission our equipment and then also check our curriculum provided by them.”

Shedding light on how to gain admission into the MSTC’s NIDC programme , Selle said,  “Would-be candidates for the National Innovative Diploma certificate should  go to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board ((JAMB)  website and go through the portal under Institutions,  click on Monotechnics, under that,  you will  see Innovative Enterprise Institutions, then click on the MSTC.”

Selle also added, “For the National Vocational Certificate, you don’t need to go through JAMB.These are programmes you come to the MSTC and select. This is the current status of the MSTC. The programme is approved by the federal ministry of education.”

Selle also identified funding and the need for a permanent site as a major challenge. Both she maintained, were necessary for the optimal performance of the agency.

“Our training is 80 per cent practical, 20 per cent theory, the challenge we have is that of a permanent site, the equipment we have here needs room .We have so many equipment but because we have limited space, we cannot mount them.

“The current director general has been discussing with the FCT minister; he has put a request for an assistance, he is leader that is very proactive, they are assessing areas that we will have for a permanent site.

“ITF wants to equip the MSTC fully .We are hoping that government can come to our aid. We believe that donor agencies, and government agencies that have the wherewithal to assist like the TETFUND, PTDF and other agencies can come to our aid. ITF on its own is actually doing its best,” she said.

Selle described the agency’s top- of -the – line facilities especially its mechatronics department  as the best in the country

“We desire the public to know, we have this facilities, the ITF has done what no institution in the country has done, particularly in the mechatronics department. The facilities we have is model 2017, it is the latest model and it takes care of the oil and gas, food industry , in fact it a complete production line,” she added.



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