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Dickson’s Wife, CPA Advocate Female Presidency



Dr. Racheal Dickson, wife of the Bayelsa State Governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson on Thursday led members of the Commonwealth Parliamentary

Association (CPA)  on an advocacy campaign for increased women participation in the politics of Nigeria and wider protection of the girl child.

Dr. Racheal Dickson, who hosted the regional leadership of the CPA led by Hon.Lindiwe Maseko, the Chairperson and Executive Committee of the CPA and Former Speaker of Guateng Provincial  Legislature, South Africa and Hon. Angela Didisa, Chairperson,CPA and Former Minister of Agriculture, South Africa, said the increased advocacy for women participation in politics and education of the Education of the girl child may lead to Female Presidency in Nigeria.

The Bayelsa State First Lady, Dr. Racheal Dickson, who led the CPA regional executives and the Leadership of the State House of Assembly, to the State owned St. Jude Girls Secondary school, Amarata to mark the International Women day with an interactive session tagged “Moment with women legislators”, noted that with an increased awareness and education, Nigerian women will become more bolder to view for political offices.

Mrs. Racheal Dickson said though the present political atmosphere may not be ripe for female presidency,  but with the increasing awareness ongoing among Nigerian women, the Nigerian political space may throw up a female presidency in the soonest future.

She said:  “ For now, I don’t think the time for female Presidency is ripe yet. You know that women are just getting their voices back and there are so many other things to be put in place.

Women need to build that confidence that they can do it. Once we have arraigned that height and it comes to voting, we will vote the men out. But for now, we should continue advocating and arraigned the needed height through education of the girl-child.”

“Also we must know that the men are our husbands, Brothers, fathers and uncles. But they also know that we are their mothers and we are clibimbing the height to intervene and produce a female president soon. “

Mrs. Dickson also noted that the needed advocacy for girl child education and protection against violence and rape has led his husbands administration to initiate boarding school policy with multitude of under-priviledged girls benefiting and excelling under free, compulsory and scholarship education.

The duo of Hon. Angela Didisa and Hon. Lindiwe Maseko from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) commended the Bayelsa State Governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson and his wife, Dr. Racheal Dickson for the achievement recorded in the education sector and the verifiable exposure of the girl child through education.

On the fear expressed by the students on the increased cases of child rape and violence against women in some parts of the country, the Bayelsa First Lady said though such cases had reduced in the state due to increased advocacy by the Federation of Women Lawyers, the establishment of a Family Court for  uick prosecution of perpetrators and the domestication of some laws by the State Government, “the cases of negotiation by parents of victims is reducing conviction. “




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