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IGP Comment: Buhari Has Admitted Leading An Inept Government, Says PDP



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said  President Muhammadu Buhari’s disclosure that he was unaware that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, did not carry out his orders regarding the security situation in Benue state, is a direct admittance that he is running an incompetent, disorganized and uncoordinated administration.
The party further added that president Buhari’s explanation on the IGP is also an admission that he has handed over power to a cabal that neither sought for votes nor elected by Nigerians.
PDP said President Buhari has irredeemably indicted himself adding
that such unpardonable slipshod attitude to governance is directly
responsible for his government’s wrecking of the nation’s once robust
economy as well as other woes that have befallen our nation in his
almost three years in office.
The PDP, in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Kola
Ologbondiyan, said the All Progressives Congress (APC) and
supporters of the President should take their minds off the Aso Villa
ahead of 2019 election now that their leader and sole candidate has
practically admitted his incompetence to run an effective government as
desired by Nigerians.
The party criticized the President for trying to pass the buck to the
IGP, a development which it said further exposed his lack of direct
commitment and concern toward the wellbeing and security of Nigerians.
“Nigerians have completely lost hope in President Muhammadu Buhari and
his incompetent administration. By stating that he was unaware that the
IGP only spent 24 hours in Benue state, Mr President has confirmed that
he has not been effectively monitoring the handling of the security
situation of our nation.
“This places a huge question mark on the regular assurances issued from
the Presidency on security.
“For our party, PDP, the expression of President Buhari has once again
vindicated our position that our nation has been placed on autopilot
cruise with a cabal pretending to be managing our affairs.
“Indeed, Nigerians need to know; what exactly did President Buhari, as
the Commander-in-Chief, do when he realized that the IGP did not carry
out his orders? We demand a direct answer from the Presidency.
“The fact is that there is no sense of remorse by the Government as the
President himself spent only two hours in Benue state without visiting
the victims or even making any direct policy statement on those behind
the killings and how to forestall future bloodletting. Rather, in the
character of this government, Mr. President engaged in yet another blame
game instead of facing issues.
“If the Presidency is not committed to monitoring critical issues such as
security, then Nigerians are no longer in doubt as to why other sectors,
particularly our once robust economy, had gone comatose under the Buhari
“Moreover, Nigerians are miffed that while the wailings over these daily
bloodletting are yet to abate, President Buhari is busy announcing his
plans to  return to Benue to seek for another round of votes.
“This shows clinically that Mr. President is truly not aware that
Nigerians have since abandoned him in his state of unawareness.
“Nigerians can no longer bear with a government that cannot give
directions to officials and monitor it through; a government that is so
inept that it lacks the elementary proficiencies to initiate and
implement effective policies and programmes for national cohesion and development; a government that lacks the basic skills to internationally
engage and run a virile economy.
“We have a government that was so careless, that it even had names of
dead persons in the list of appointees to federal boards. What a
“Again, we maintain that our nation has been on auto-drive under the APC
and Nigerians cannot wait to end this nightmare come 2019.
“For us, in the PDP, the well-being of Nigerians and overall national
cohesion will continue to remain paramount to us at all times, as we
rally with the people on our repositioned platform ahead of the 2019 general elections.”