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Nigerians Celebrate Corruption – Bishop



The Catholic Bishop of Idah Diocese, Most Rev Anthony Adaji, has said that corruption is a canker worm which has eaten deep into the fabric of Nigerian system and celebrated by Nigerians.

The Bishop dropped this bombshell while addressing a gathering of the faithful, weekend in Anyigba, Dekina local government area, Kogi State, at the event marking the 50th birthday of the longest serving religious leader in his diocese, Rev. Sr. John Gab Osiagwu.

“Corruption is everywhere in Nigeria because Nigerians celebrate corruption and Nigerians have failed to see the looming danger as the same people who are impoverished go about singing the praises of the very people who impoverished them”, he said.

According to him, many political office holders who steal money meant to develop their areas eventually go about to spray this money in gatherings while the poor scramble for them all to survive on a token and sell their conscience and the future of their children.

“In Nigeria those who steal public funds and become false benefactors or benefactresses are celebrated. We celebrate corruption in Nigeria. Those who stealgovernment money and refuse to pay their own workers and put the money in their personal accounts, when they move around spreading the money we clap hands for them. God said thou shall not steal; thieves are celebrated in Nigeria.”

He further stated, “Now elections will soon start, politicians whom you have never seen for a long time but have been there spending holidays and celebrating birthday parties in Toronto, America and different parts of the world will come with their jeeps, raising dust on the poor masses and when they come they will distribute 7 kilos of rice to the people and the people are so cheaply bought over.”

According to him, the only way Nigerians can have their freedom is to make sure those who do not do the right thing are not returned to power, adding that even if such politicians offer money the masses must reject them. He noted that if this continues constantly the bad politicians would be voted out.

“Poor people in the society must take position to say no to stealing, no to corruption, no to ritualist. This is the only way Nigeria can be liberated,” he added.



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