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Boys Defeat Girls In Cooking Competition



team of four boys, yesterday, defeated a female team of 11, in a cooking competition organised by the Holy Family School in Lagos.

The boys’ team was adjudged the winner against the girls’ team after the judges had tasted the dishes prepared by both teams.

It was reported that the teams prepared fried rice, fried fish and locally prepared ‘Eve’ drink.

However, the girls’ team emerged the winner in the preparation of cassava flake (aka Eba) and Ogbonno soup, Jollof rice alongside the local drink, Zobo.

The leader of the boys’ team, Edward Akugbe said that the current economic situation had compelled most boys to acquire the cooking skills and other domestic chores.

“My mum told me that it is cheaper that I cook for myself than employing a house assistant or eating foods outside when I become independent,” he said.

According to him, my mother made it compulsory that we sat by her and understudied her whenever she was in the kitchen or doing the house chores.

Also, Favour Noris, 16, won the award for being the best dressed and organised cook.

He told NAN that despite being the last born of his parents, his mother included him in the family cooking roaster.

“My mum prepared a cooking roaster that included the boys; and that forced me to learn so much about kitchen management which I applied to my team,” he said.

However, Tope Oladunjoye, 12, and leader of the female team, said that her team lost because they prepared local dishes.





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