Wednesday, March 21, the world will celebrate the world poetry day. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) declared day aims to appreciate, support and publish poets and poetry, around the world. With fast disappearance of languages and oral traditions, the first to go, one of the objectives of World Poetry Day, is to encourage oral traditions of poetry recitals, the teaching of poetry, and restore dialogue between poetry and other genres of art. The first world poetry day was celebrated in 1999 and invited laymen and creatives to reflect on the power of language and the development of each person’s creative abilities. In addition, encourage them to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression; offering endangered languages, the opportunity to be heard within their communities.

Globally, people celebrate World Poetry Day via organised reading and/ or performance of poetry, teaching poetry writing in schools while others host poetry competitions As is its norm over the years, Arojah Concepts, an affiliation of Arojah Royal Theatre (ART) in collaboration with the Embassy of Korea in Nigeria, will host the 8th Poetry Festival and Competition, with special focus on theme of Portraits. Winners of the adult category of the festival will walk away with N100, 000, N70, 000 and N50, 000 respectively. Likewise, winners in the secondary school category will be awarded cash prizes. This year, another category of submissions was introduced in the competition, which would encourage poetry submissions in Hangeul, the official language of Korea. There are no clear drawn out descriptions on the gudielines for entries in this section other than it be written in Hangeul. All winners will be awarded on Wednesday, March 21, World Poetry Day