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Kasuwan Magani Crisis: ADA Condemns ‘Selective’ Arrest



Following crisis that engulfed Kasawan magani community of Kajuru local government area of Kaduna State between Hausa Muslims and Christians, where lives were lost and property destroyed, the Adara Development Association (ADA) has raised the alarm of selective arrest and alleged acquisition of arms by their attackers in the area.

Addressing a press conference yesterday, the Adara people in Kaduna, averred that those who attacked them in the crisis are still harbouring dangerous weapons with the intention of launching the attack again if nothing is done about it now.

It would be recalled that 13 persons were officially confirmed to have lost their lives during the crisis.

Precisely, on February 26, 2018, her boyfriend, against the wish of her parents, converted a Christian girl to Islam but the girl was forced out from the house of the lover boy by some youths, which led to the mayhem, and reiterated that the said girl is still in the house of her ‘abductor’.

The National Assistant Secretary of Adara Development Association (ADA), Mr Luke Waziri, who read the text of conference, called on the State government and relevant authorities to disarm those keeping sophisticated weapons in order to stop them from taking laws into their hands.

Waziri noted that the mayhem was avoidable if those saddled with the responsibility of maintaining law and order had taken proactive measures.

He also noted that selective punishment was meted to Adara people, pointing out that only three Hausa Muslims were arrested from those on the offensive, while 67 of the Adara people that were on the defensive were arrested and charged to court.

“The arrests made were completely one sided. It cannot be a mistake that out of 70 arrested by security agents, only about three are Hausa/Muslims. These arrests are deliberately designed to give the false impression that Hausa/Muslims were victims”.

The Adara Scribe said, “We want to draw the attention of all authorities concerned about the high concentration of sophisticated weapons in the hands of those who attacked Adara community and are residents of Kasuwan Magani.”



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