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Lawyer Makes Case For Community Development



An Abuja based lawyer, Prince David Adeyeye has called on leaders to promote community development policies and ensure provision of infrastructure and recreational facilities that would affect and engage the locals, especially the Youth positively.

Prince Adeyeye in a statement, said most youth who indulge in violence and exhibit uncultured behaviour in the society can actually be better people if they have access to fine libraries, sport centres and other basic amenities in their communities.

“In our communities, you will never find libraries or sports centres. How then do we blame our youth when they watch Big brother Naija programmes, indulge in violence,” he noted.

He noted that communities within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) can be made more habitable with the adoption of what he called, ‘Legislative Agenda for Community Development’.

Adeyeye said the onus lies on representatives of communities at the National Assembly to ignite fundamental development adding that many law makers had not pressured the Executive arm of government enough to effect more changes across communities.

He said, “The community is the bedrock of any society or people, so you should have communities that would give us fine architects, sportsmen, lawyers, student, journalists and doctors.

“If you look into our communities, we do not even have that quality of life, no good schools, no waste management systems, recreational centres among others, should all that be left to the Executive arm? Adeyeye queried.

The young legal practitioner who is seeking for the AMAC/Bwari Federal Constituency (FCT) seat at the House of Representative, said youth and kids in London, New York or Dubai are not better than Nigerians, but that they are exposed to better environment and amenities.

Reflecting on his goals for the FCT, he said, “I want to be able to live or have my kids live in a community where they have access to quality healthcare, sporting centres, libraries and good home


“Such an environment in Nigeria will make them become brilliant, shun cultism, abhor drugs, prostitution and other forms of criminality,” he


According to him, the clear lack of vision and strategic plans by those representing the city at the parliament is responsible for the lack of development in the various communities.

“If you have vibrant legislative officials from the FCT that knew what they were doing since 1999, they would have pressured the government or better use alternative development plans to make all the communities habitable,” he noted.