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Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi Foundation Organises 3-day Special Prayers For Nigeria



The Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi Foundation has called for three-day prayer session for the nation from 11th to 14th April, 2018 so as to seek for divine intervention towards the lingering security challenges facing Nigeria.

Recently Nigeria has been faced with numerous security challenges, including Farmers/Herdsmen clashes, ethnic crises, religious and regional tensions as well as rampant cases of kidnapping all over the country. As a result of the aforementioned security threats, the Islamic based foundation declared a three day prayers session.

Chairman of Foundation, Sheikh Ibrahim Dahiru Usman Bauchi who disclosed this in an exclusive interview with LEADERSHIP A Yau (The hausa brand of LEADERSHIP Newspaper) on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

According to the Chairman, the aim and objectives of the three day prayers is to pray for the well-being of the entire country.

The session is slated to take place in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja which is said to be honoured by President Muhammadu Buhari, and Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi. Among the important personalities expected at the session are grandchildren of Sheikh Ahmadu Tijjani and the immediate children Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass.

The Foundation stated that, part of the series of events at the session are special prayers and recitation of the Holy Qur’an scheduled to take place at the National Mosques, followed by the annual birth day celebration of Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass at the Eagle Square.

According to the Sheikh, in the past such sessions were previously held in Bauchi state, but due to the fact that Sheikh Inyass birthday is approaching and the two are set to come together, the organizing committee decided to make Abuja the venue of the event.

While speaking on the virtues of the Month of Rajab, Sheikh Ibrahim stated that the targeted month is among the important months of Islam.

He further lamented that the serious security threats facing Nigeria is uncalled for – ranging from kidnappings and other crises.

He argued that ensuring the peaceful coexistence of Nigeria is not only the duty of the president and his team. It is a duty upon all right thinking Nigerians to give their quarter in addressing the menace.

The Sheikh stressed that Nigeria is in dire need of prayers more than any other thing, because it is the only way to salvation. It is only prayers that would breach the gap between God and his creatures.

He said; “In Islam there is no any other weapon than prayers. Prayer is always the number one priority for protection against all vices.

“We may cite an example of the importance of prayer by looking back at the past Civil War in Nigeria which resulted to the loss of many lives and properties. The war came an end as a result of prayers.” He said.

“Like I was saying, during Nigeria’s Civil War, many attempts were made to address it, but things were not going in normal way, many lives were lost and billion of naira properties were destroyed. It was when former IGP, Late MD Yusuf suggested to the then Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon that spiritually, the war would be addressed. Gowon needed further explanation on the requirement, and MD Yusuf told him that, there is a spiritual leader in Senegal, Sheikh Ibrahim Abdullahi Inyass (RTD), who he said, the Almighty answers his prayers whenever he does, it would be good for Nigeria to approach him, because many countries count on him when it comes to spiritualism. On hearing this, Gen Gowon was extremely happy; he gave them presidential order to proceed to Senegal.

“After they arrived in Senegal, Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass welcomed them, listened Nigeria’s problem and turned to Almighty. He performed number of special prayers. God, in His outmost mercy, answered Sheikh’s prayer, finally the war come at end. Gen Yakubu Gowon was very excited and flabbergasted. He asked to meet with Sheikh to honour him. The Sheikh answered his call, and Gowon also flied to Senegal.

“Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass himself, received Gen Gowon at Airport – we have many pictures to testify that – Gowon fulfilled his promised by honouring Sheikh Ibrahim with Nigeria’s National Award. So this year, we want also use the Sheikh’s birth anniversary to hold special prayer for Nigeria’s problem.” Said Sheikh Ibrahim Dahiru Bauchi.

He said Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass is a sincere and pious religions cleric whose landmark achievements and legacies have continue to gain importance even many years after his death.

Sheikh Ibrahin also noted that, they expect former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon to attend the special prayer session to use the opportunity to tell the world what happened between him and Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass, and preach how powerful prayer is, especially in hard times.

“We are set to scommence this prayer session on Thursday, 12 – Saturday 14, April, which is equivalent to the birth-week of Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass according to Islamic Calendar and that of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), according to Gregorian Calendar. Saturday will be the end of this year’s programmes, where we will converge at National Stadium Abuja.

This, according to Sheikh Ibrahim will enhance and foster the desired peaceful co-existence for the growth of the nation in the face of global economic down-turn and insecurity which is threatening the unity of Nigeria.

“The aims and objectives of organizing this special prayer session is to gather people from different faith/sect to harmonise our peaceful co-existence. We have many problems in this country, so we feel that, the only solution to these problems for every faithful person is to turn to God and seek for His divine intervention.”

He said, “many people did not know what is happening during Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass’ Maulud, we talk about problem and find its solution. There will be no development if there is no peace. We give this event certain importance so as to foster our relationship with people from different part of the world.