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Stella Whyte To Represent Nigeria At Miss Polo 2018



Okhueleigbe Ebosetale, popularly known as Stella Whyte, radiates the qualities of beauty, style and elegance. Her dazzling smile and gorgeous looks are ideal for promoting beauty. No wonder the 23-year-old beauty queen, instantly won over the judges and audience alike at the Miss polo Nigeria 2017/2018 event at Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

She was selected to represent Nigeria at the international pageant, as the judges made it clear, that any of the top three could go for the international pageant.

A graduate of the University of Benin, Nigeria, Stella Whyte glided effortlessly in the beauty contest, and she is truly set to take the modelling world by storm. At the Miss Polo International 2018, she will be competing with over 50 contestants from around the world.

Whyte portrays views, thoughts, and accomplishments of a woman who is aware of all of her capabilities, and uses them in her efforts to create a fair and just world for all and sundry. It also sets her apart from her peers in one of the best ways possible, as far as her platform is concerned.

The doors of her Stella Whyte Foundation is always open for people who have been violated, for violence against women campaign and a voice to the girl child, a highly commendable achievement in a country where such facilities are few and far between. Even before she became Miss Polo Runner Up 2017/2018, She thought of ways that her dream of providing counsel and support for violence against women could finally become a reality. Stella had plans to make that particular contribution to society. Her innate, lifelong desire is to always stand for hope, truth and justice.





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