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CSO Urges PMB To Recall Back Ambassador Dauda



Coalition of Civil Society (CSO), on Sunday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to recall former acting Director General (DG) of Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA), Mr Mohammad Dauda back to service.

LEADERSHIP reports that Dauda, a career Ambassador who was serving in Chad Republic, was brought back to the country and acted as the DG of the NIA when President Buhari suspended Mr Ayo Oke.

After the appointment of Ahmed Rufai as the substantive DG of the NIA, it was gathered that Ambassador Dauda, a director, who is suppose to retire from service in September 2018, was taken back to Chad and dismissed from the service.

Speaking at a world press conference on the state of the nation in Abuja, the Executive Converner, Coalition of Civil Society (CSO), comrade Danesi Momoh Prince, urged president Buhari to bring Ambassador Dauda back to the service.

“We want Mr President to recall Ambassador Dauda back to the service while those involved in the quagmire ridiculing the image of Nigeria should be prosecuted immediately in order to rebuild Nigeria’s image before the international community,” Prince said.

According to him, “Mr President is reminded that this matter borders on National Security which must not be toyed with, as his oppositions are waiting patiently to use it as a campaign message against his re-election bid if he so seek to, in tagging his administration as incompetent,” the CSO said.

According to the group, “Mr President must be told of some current situation that is targeted at destroying the good image of our country, especially before the international community now that the entire African region has appointed our own president as the Anti-corruption Champion in Africa.”

“Immediately after the removal of Mr Oke, a carrier Ambassador to the Republic of Chad, Mr Mohammed Dauda who was the most senior director as stipulated by the NIA rule, was recalled and appointed as the Acting Director General.”

“We learnt that, some powerful Nigerians attempted to share the recovered $44m which Mr Dauda objected to, and instead, he protected the funds for the government hence the gang up against him.”

“Available record shows that, Mr Mohammed Dauda is due for retirement in September, 2018, having served the organization for 35 years.

Within this period, he was never queried by the organization for any wrongdoing. He is a professional intelligence officer whose short acting era rejuvenated the intelligence gathering that improved our national security.”

“He was framed and tried by a committee headed by Babagana Kingibe whose secretary was Ahmed Rufai Abubakar, a retired Deputy Director with the NIA, a position short of the full status of a Director as stipulates by the NIA rule, was recommended and appointed as the current DG of the NIA, while Mr Mohammed was dismissed from service.”

“This is the highest level of victimization and persecution on the surface of the earth, peculiarly, this can only happen in Nigeria,” the group added.



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