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Music Hasn’t Put Food On My Table – P Bright



In this interview with SAMUEL ABULUDE, gospel artiste, Paul Obinna Bright aka P-Bright speaks with LEADERSHIP Galleria on his not-so-easy road to musical career and latest single, ‘Bigger Than’ among other sundry issues.

What have you been up to of recent?

I have been busy trying to put some things together in the studio, rehearsing and recording my songs. By his grace, I have a good number of singles with my latest titled ‘Bigger Than’, and I hope that fans love it. Recording a song is like just throwing a net into the sea hoping to catch big Fish. God bless you if you do catch one. It is capital intensive with quality hours of recording and rehearsing sessions and you pay for all of them, praying that people like the songs and radio stations love it enough to play it on their stations. I am optimistic and believe my song will be widely accepted by folks and the churches like my previous single.

Why did you choose to be a gospel artiste?

My decision to do gospel music is based on the passion I have for the things of God. I also want to impact lives and to prove a point that there are benefits in serving God in this age when there are a lot of distractions here and there. One with God is a majority and I believe being a gospel artiste is a choice and a calling.

How did the transition begin?

Yeah, I have been a lover of music as a toddler and due to the environment I found myself I was privileged to be tutored by same person that has same passion for music even though as a drummer, and he eventually brushed me up as a song writer at a tender age.

How challenging was it for you to record your first single and when was that?

Wow I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details of all I have been through as a young boy but to God be the glory I was able to hold on to what I believe. Music gives me joy without compromise and your second question hmm can I still remember the year,I think sometime in 2010 being my first time in the studio the confidence was fully there but thank God for the set of people who encouraged me and made me believe I can do it. That was when I dropped my first single titled: Se Ope.

Your current song, is trending now online how was the experience releasing it?

Okay my current song which i titled: Bigger Than was released on the first of January though it wasn’t easy but God made it stress-free for me at-least glory to God. Which my fans can easily download online.

Does music put food on your table?

Wow this is serious,all I have to tell you is that work is still in progress and believing God for a hit.

How do you think gospel music or music should be supported generally by government and cooperate bodies?

First I will like our religious leaders mostly in the Christendom to put more effort in encouraging gospel artists in Nigeria because from the look of things you will agree with me that most of the secular artistes started as a gospel musicians but due to the less encouragement they get from our religious leaders (pastors) to be precise most of our youths who are supposed to carry on with the gospel through music decides to join the moving train (the secular world). I also would like to ask the cooperate bodies in Nigeria to also encourage gospel artists in the area of endorsement as you and in will agree that some of this people in the cooperate organizations occupy very important positions in the christendom.

Who is P Bright aside music and what else do you do?

P Bright is a young man that has this passion and zeal for the things of God, he can also be said to be an easy going person that believes in doing things right. I just have to tell you that for now it’s all about music but with the intention of furthering my education.

Do you support the motion that gospel artistes should be paid for performing or not?

I wouldn’t want to be dragged into this though I heard diverse suggestions but like I said earlier I believe in doing things right.

How does P Bright want to build the brand in 2018?

With God on my side hard work and creativity am sure I will get there.



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