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Segun Arinze, Yemi Blaq Want More Funding Options For Nollywood



As the Federal Government and Corporate Bodies seek to boost the motion picture industry, stakeholders are of the view that among varying issues that need to be tackled in the industry, funding tops the need as increased funding options will boost the industry and empower film makers in no small way.

“Among other issues, the return on investment (ROI) is highly critical for film makers to enjoy their trade and produce movies that will compete with the global world,” Segun Arinze noted at a movie set in Ikorodu. He added that what he wants to see improved upon in Nollywood, is the quality of production and funding. “The quality of our movies needs to be improved upon and it is directors and producers that will guarantee that. Corporate bodies need to fund the industry in such a way that movie makers will make returns on their investment. That, among other things, will move the industry forward.

Yemi Blaq, queuing behind the notion of funding as a critical need for Nollywood, added that a robust distribution will also help movie producers to make return on investment. The native of Ondo State said, “Two things that we need to improve upon in Nollywood, is funding and distribution. For distribution, we need a more robust network that will help distribute our movies across the value chain. More cinemas will be needed as this will provide more avenues for our movies to be screened.”





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