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2018 Trends for The Fashionable Man!



Trends come and go, and new trends emerge. While some trends will spill from 2017, there are new ones that will make a bang on the fashion scene. Many fashion conscious men keep an eye out for trends right before they hit the shops. Here are five trends that will likely dominate the men’s fashion in 2018.

Retro Sportswear
Retero sports wears and pajamas are making a huge come back this season. Fashion enthusiasts will know that sportswear has been one of the biggest fashion pieces that have been embraced by men and even women over the past months.
One of the best ways to rock this trend is matching two-piece tracksuits, or combining with a vintage leather bomber jacket.

Wide-Leg Trousers
Gone are the skinny jeans that have dominated our wardrobes, and time to make way for the wide-legged trouser. Although, trends seem to come and go, the wide legged trouser seems to be one of those trends that have and will stick around longer than others. Fashion enthusiasts are of the view that wide leg trousers will make a good come back this year, especially in the next 12 months.
Vertical Stripes
Just like checks, I don’t think there was ever a time when stripes were really out of season. Stripes have always been a menswear staple. Their popularity stems from their versatility; they really can work for any style, bold or subtle. A stripe T-shirt for instance can go with a casual blazer.

Check patterns are some of the most popular in men’s fashion, and can be found in practically any type of piece, be a tie, shirt or even a pair of pants. Just like stripes, this season they are bold, bright and they are worn from head to toe.

Cross body bags
Fashionable young men are adding more fun and style to their outfit with the men’s cross-body bags. These pieces are ideal for a casual look, and are best worn high and across the body; this eliminates the confusion that it is a female bag or purse while making you stand tall, unique and elegant!