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Begging Reduces Our Quality As Artistes – NaXis DG



Enaruna Edosomwan aka Naxis DG is a Nigerian reggae-dancehall singer and also one of the most successful youngest artiste from Benin City, Edo state. He has hit songs like “Gbedu”, “Adesuwa” and “Nkem Sweet Pass.” The Italian based artiste in this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM said he embraced music when he got to Europe.

What stirred your interest in music?

I was born in a Celestial Church and grew up enjoying acoustical kind of music. Growing up, I joined a Pentecostal church choir at the age of 10. That has been my full connect to music till date.

How has the journey been so far?

Since 2009 that I embraced music, it hasn’t been so easy, but I must give God the glory because my team and I have been made a house old name in Europe and around the world. Also,  being able to obtain deserved award nominations and also bagging awards just like in 2013, I was nominated at the SSMA as “ Most Popular Diaspora Afro Beat Artiste”, I  was The ” Break Through Artist at Nigerian EU Diaspora Award 2014” , Outstanding Performance at Africa Diaspora Merit Award 2014, Best Afro Pop Artiste at African Royal Award 2015. And now, the OBALAND Awards has honour me with the Best Afro Beat song Writer 2018. I can say so far the Journey has been good base on all I have achieved till date. But I know my team and I are working harder than we’ve done and with the materials on grand, we are moving to the desired place we belong in the industry.

As an award winning song writer, where do you think Nigerian artistes should pay more attention to?

I think every artistes should pay attention to the content of their music because as an artiste, you’ve got followers, the message you send out to your fans matters a lot. As a writer and a musician, I write music with everything around me and also the moments of how am feeling. There’s music for every kind of people, so my advice is we should know the public we want to target before writing a song. And also consider how we want our next generation to look like with what we put down.

How would you describe the music industry when you started off?

Funny to say that I am not an industry artiste but an artiste of the industry. This answer is because I don’t appreciate the politics in the industry today.

Are you still doing music? How do you handle competition, given the fact that there are lots of talented artistes in the country?

To me, music is Life. So I don’t see any competition. My music is me and I believe God has blessed me with loads of talent. It will be a distraction for me to be pondering about another man’s talent. Yes I am still doing music and as a matter of facts, I have a new projects at hand. What personal traits have helped you become successful as an artiste?  Being myself always and listening to the music in my soul. What are your other traits?  I think I sound just like me (laughs). I am unique. My music sense and vocals is different.

What are you working on presently?

My first official single of 2018, the audio and video will be out on March 23rd on every digital platform worldwide and I have already worked on a 6 track EP Album which is my 2nd body of work. Hopefully, it would be out before the middle of this year.

Any plan of relocating to Nigeria from Italy soon? 

I am always in Nigeria, because I’m there to handle some of my personal business. But yes Nigerian is my Home land and I will relocate, anytime soon when my fans want me to.

Could you take us through your background?

I am the 5th child of eight children. It happens that after my parents gave birth to 6 of us, they separated. When I was about 5 years old. I ended up growing up without my mom or dad. But life has taught me that no matter how you grow up, you can achieve whatever you heart desire if you put your mind in it. In 2007, I came to Europe to continue my studies with the help of my oldest brother. It happens that my journey to Europe increased my musical fire. It enabled me to do a lot of free styles among Europeans and Africans before I took it professionally by joining an Italian white band called “You Know Y”.

How did you come about your artiste name?

I grow up with the Enas which my family and friends call me, so it was easy that some of my friends call me Nas, so from Nas, I chose NaX is De GeneXis. (NaX is The Geneis, (NaXis DG) What’s your advice to upcoming reggae artistes?  Believe in your talent and never stop striving to keep working hard. Don’t believe in words. Act for yourself on what you want yourself to be until the right connect comes that never fail. Never beg but respect every artistes before you. Begging reduce your quality as an artist. Believe that you’re the best and work until you obtain what you desire.

Congratulations on your Obaland ROYAL awards. What’s is the difference between other awards and this?

Obaland Awards is a Royal Award and recognition award from my native land of birth. It’s an honour and privilege that I am being recognised by my people. It is huge for me.