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LASG Seeks Religious Leaders Supports For Land Use Charge 



 Amid protest over the new Land Use Charge in the state, Lagos State Government has appealed to religious leaders to help the government to sensitize residents on importance of the charge. 

Speaking at first quarter of Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC), Lagos Chapter, Commissioner for Home Affairs, Abdulhakeem Abdul-Lateef, stressed that the intention behind the tax was to intensify provision of infrastructures in the state 

While arguing that only 700, 000 houses had been paying LUC, the state government stressed that it would not desist from using positive means to engage residents on LUC.

 He said: “We expect that you should use your position to engage residents because you occupy the house of the lord. Use your position to engage the people. We need you to interact with them because we need your feedback to further advise the government on what is best for the state.

“So as religious leaders, you need to use the pulpit to sensitize residents on the need to be law abiding. Lagosians are resilient, financially responsible and economically realistic. There is need for us to continue to engage residents on government policies. What we are doing is about engagement. 

Obviously not amused by the continued protest against LUC, the commissioner noted that protesting against the tax would not address the issue but create hardship in the state, saying, they will barricade road and halt business activities. 

 According to him, residents don’t need to protest. Protesting and blocking the road will create hardship for others in the state

 Responding, Co-Chairman, NIREC, Alexander Bamgbola, commended the Lagos State Government for inaugurating NIREC at the grassroots, urging those who has been inaugurated into NIREC at the Local Council levels to see the appointment as service to God and also support the State Government in ensuring peace in the State. 




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