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Microfinance Banks Revamp Ways To Bridge Gaps In Operations



The National Association of Microfinance Banks (NAMB) has taken a greater leap for better running of the association and service delivery to its various customers.

According to the president, NAMB, Mr. Rogers Nwoke, the association commenced the process with supports from APPZone and INLAKS.

Speaking in a chat with LEADERSHIP, these service providers have created platforms like BANKONE and NAMBUIT that would enable members to login to NAMB database through a world class standard website and update their records, pay dues and other financial obligations as well as send messages through web assisted broadcasts.

Explaining further, the executive director of INLAKS, Mr. Femi Muraino said the focus of the partnership is to have a unified internet technology platform for all the microfinance banks where people can simply logon to without having a personal server or IT unit.

This would allow them enjoy some services as well for example, if they want to do anything that has to do with ATM, they could take advantage of the platform  which would give them advantage of economic of scale because the price they would build is little as compared to what they want to do. It is equally going to be a good way to regulate the MFBs by watching their activities and also encourage them on how best to do it.

Mr. Nwoke further said the Central Bank of Nigeria has approved a 40 per cent subsidy on the purchase of BVN machines.