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Obasanjo’s Coalition Backs Northern Elders Over Search For New Political Leaders



The clamour for change of government reverberated  yesterday as the coalition movement led by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, declared that the recent statements from political leaders in the country indicate a change in governance remains a priority.

The coalition said while it is in agreement with the elders and youths from the north for a new candidates ahead of 2019, the recent outburst by former minister of defence, Gen Theophilus Danjuma, proves that all is not well with the country.

The director, Media and Public Communications of the coalition, Mr Akin Osuntokun, who spoke with LEADERSHIP added that the position of the Northern elders and groups confirms their position all along, noting that the quality of consensus building around the objection to the current quality of governance is what the country needs ahead of the 2019 general election.

On Saturday northern elders, under the auspices of Northern Elders Forum and 16 other youth and women groups from the region passed a vote of no confidence on the current political leadership from the region, indicating a search for a new sets of political office holders ahead of 2019.

On same day, Gen Danjuma at the convocation, bombed the armed forces over the spate of killings in the country and called on Nigerians to resort to self defence if they want to live.

But speaking with LEADERSHIP yesterday Osuntokun said “Well, from what I have read of it they have identified the problems that we have identified. And the solutions are pretty obvious if we have agreed that these are the issues that are wrong. Then of course, we advocate for something better. But our position remains the same.

“What you have just said just confirms our own position, which was started by the man who initiated the coalition itself and which we have reaffirmed several times. So the problems are obvious to any object mind across the country. But it is good that we have the caliber of people you mentioned from the North speaking out. So the more we are all on the same page, the better for the country. We can more effective bring about change, the greater consensus we can build around the problem.

“You heard what Gen Danjuma said on Saturday. Though he was very angry, but you can pick the kind of problems that he has identified which shows that something is fundamentally wrong and that it requires change in leadership.”



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