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‘We Will Find Solution To Challenges Of Cleaner Lagos Initiative’



Leadership Nigeria News Today

Visionscape Sanitation Solutions at the weekend said they are making frantic moves to find solutions to the problems militating against Cleaner Lagos Initiatives, saying it will take delivery of another 180 new trucks before next month. 

Speaking at an interactive session with media men in Lagos, the Chief Operations Officer, Visionscape Sanitation Solutions, Thomas Forgacs said currently, Visionscape had 131 trucks at its disposal to cart away refuse in the state. 

He said the firm had discovered 5,000 black spots across the Lagos metropolis where Lagosians dumped refused illegally.

According to him, before “April, we will receive new batch of 180 trucks,” adding that currently, there were about 15,000 waste bins of 240 litres capacity each and 5,000 waste bins of 1,100 litres capacity each deployed to different spots in Lagos for people to dump their refuse. 

He also disclosed that in the second and third batches, 200,000 galvanised waste bins would arrive Lagos in August 2018, adding that before the end of the year, 10 million plastic bags would be distributed across Lagos.

Head of Planning, Visionscape Sanitation Solutions, Kiran Reddy disclosed that the body had identified about 5,000 black spots or illegal dumping sites across the state, saying that it could be more than that.

He said many of these illegal dumping sites had between five and 150 tons of waste being dumped in them, saying that Visionscape had successfully evacuated waste from 2,000 black spots across the state.