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2019 Elections: ‘Time For Nigerians To Tow Path Of France, Canada’



Cordinator of Joint Action Coalition Of Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria, Comrade Isaac Ikpa has disclosed that it is high time for Nigerians to tow the path of French Republic and Canada.

Comrade Ikpa in a statement issued lamented that despite the fact that youths make up about 60% of the total world population and  57% of the world’s voting age, its sad that only 26% are members of parliament in different countries.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with neglect of youths in leadership positions in Nigeria, Comrade Ikpa recalled that late Obafemi Awolowo was less than 50 years when he emerged as Premier of Western Region ,  Yakubu Gown was not up to 40 years when Head of States in the country, likewise Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Muhamadu Buhari when they where heads of State.

He said that the younger generation have fresh ideas in this digital world while most of our elders have stone age ideas which can no longer meet up the requirements of a 21st century global community.

He said, “There can be no better time for the youths to get ahead in life than now; to make impacts and contribute to the development of Nigeria.

“We want to also commend some Executive Governors who have given youths opportunity to serve as members of the State executive council and in other positions of authority which these young minds have contributed in no small measure to the development of the state”.

” The older generation who currently occupy leadership positions have played their roles in nation building, most of them from their youthful age till date, have refused to leave the centre stage for the younger generation to take over.

” The younger generation have fresh ideas in this digital world while most of our elders have stone age ideas which can no longer meet up the requirements of a 21st century global community.

This brings to mind, the core characteristics we need in our young aspiring leaders are fresh ideas, character, concept of development, and people who have excelled both in the public and private sectors.

” In Nigeria, articulate and smart youth abound and they have continued to make a difference in whatever task they find themselves. the likes of  Hon. George Alli, Alh Ibrahim Zakari, Aisha Yesufu and others, have distinguished themselves as the youths of the moment and future.  we can only imagine how vibrant they would have been having them in the Nigerian Senate, House of Representatives, executive chairman of local government etc, where their contributions to developmental issues in Nigeria would have been felt.

” Let me emphasise on  the role of Hon. Ibrahim Zakari as Honorary Special Adviser to the Governor of Katsina State on international relations and investments to the industrial revolution, health, grassroot development and agriculture in Katsina State buttresses the point that our youthful age is the best time in our life’s to make impact in the society.

With youths like Ibrahim Zakari , one will only imagine the positive impact he will make if he and other young Nigerians are elected to pilot the affairs of out great Nation.

” I urge  Nigerians to  tow the path  of France, Canada and other countries who have given youths the opportunity to serve their fatherland at all levels and adopt the ideology of “not too young to run and not too young to peform “.

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