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The Conspiracy



Most people, most Nigerians do not yet realise that they are victims of external and internal manipulation and brainwash! But in this short article, I will show clearly that we are not where we are for nothing!

We are in the doldrums because we do not know the weapons of our enemies, talk less of making efforts to combat them!

If you were observant, you would have noticed by now that almost inexplicably, our work ethic and moral values have taken a deep dive into the gutter. Even in communities and cultures that are well organised, you will still find an inexplicable level of decay and abandonment of those values that represent growth, stability, peace and security, and industry! Rather, on the rise are dubious vices such as enjoyment, sense of entitlement and misplaced ‘bigmanism.’

This derogation is found in cities and in rural areas but it is obviously more pronounced in all areas that consume information from the mass media! Obviously, our leaders are so ideologically vacuous

that they don’t even know that a massive psycho operation is targeted at Nigeria so that our country will remain a dumping ground for goods of dubious quality. All this is going on and simultaneously our youths are coerced to imbibe a lifestyle of indolence and mindless violence against themselves thus keeping the country and its people constantly distracted.

To achieve this, these forces work through advertisement and branding!

They work through their companies transported here as multinationals and trans-nationals! For instance you can’t find telecom companies supporting literacy and education. If they do at all, it is a token compared to the funds they push to support wrong lifestyles amongst our youth! Virtually all-big companies of foreign origin house specialists whose entire function is the creation of morons who are willing to buy and consume anything that is branded as trending.

The breweries are the second most profitable sector after petroleum yet their agenda of social fabric destruction drives their marketing.

They use music shows to entice the youth. They are even allowed to stage shows in campuses where the idea is for them to use such events to recruit more and more drinkers thus distracting the leaders of tomorrow from their studies.

Are you then surprised that drunkenness is on the rise while reading culture is plunging? For that, hold the breweries and their advertising responsible.

Furthermore, to entice the renegade elite, these forces provide havens and easy routes for our money to be stashed abroad to the detriment of our people and our economy. These agents of foreign governments reinforce the concepts of black inferiority already implanted in these ignorant leaders to the extent that they consider their own people inferior. That is why you see Nigerian leaders eager to console France, console America rather than even take notice when catastrophic events occur in our own country!

Behind these operations are all Western and Asian powers because they find it profitable to do so. Have you ever wondered why our country finds it easy to import phones rather than encourage local manufacturing? Have you ever wondered why the investments in power failed or why biscuit factories are closing while we import prodigious quantities of biscuits from Indonesia and Malaysia?

I will tell you. These agents through subtle means propagate the inferiority of all things Nigerian! They believe in catching them young through mass media manipulation.

A foreign country once offered me a six-month tour of their country on full scholarship and pay. I turned the offer down and my friends were aghast. They wondered why I didn’t take the trip to go and “enjoy”. I made them realise that all such invites are targeted at studying the individuals invited as well as thoroughly brainwashing them to make them psychological hostages. Have you observed the amount of pride with which the Harvard groups meet or the Oxford Alumni? Do the graduates of Nigerian universities have such love for their alma maters?

Let me repeat it: every time a leader or budding leader is invited abroad,  he is abroad and subject of brainwash programmes so sophisticated that most people are too distracted to take notice!

Moreover through their local agents, they groom more and more leaders into weakening the political and economic architecture of their own countries. Who do you think prompted Blaise Compaore to take out Thomas Sankara in Burkina Faso? If you think the man did it himself, then you know very little about international espionage and destabilisation programmes.

Back to Nigeria; you can see how such programmes are distracting the nation. Do you think it is for nothing that our country was degraded after our non-aligned stance in Africa and West Africa?  Do you think that the Arab Spring was organised from within? If you think so, then you really need a brain recovery surgery!

The way out is, first, an ideological education of the elite and then the entire citizenry!  For starters, I suggest that Censors Board get back and begin to do its job properly so that our culture will determine and regulate what is beamed to the undiscerning citizenry.

Our journalists also need to join in so that we can recover our values and our country! We cannot afford a situation where all manner of corrupting concepts are implanted freely in our populace by those who seek our downfall. No nation grows that way.

Up untill now, many discerning nations, including China or even Germany do not allow ideas detrimental to their national ethos and wellbeing into their country. That is the way to go. And that is the only way out!

Furthermore, allowing our nation to remain a dumping ground for foreign goods is inherently destructive of local manufacturing, youth employment and innovation. Whose interest do we serve by neglecting Ajaokuta? Whose interest do we serve by allowing the importation of furniture and water? It seems that our elite are part of the conspiracy against Nigeria!





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