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Malaysian Flight MH370: Goodnight!!!



On the 8th of March, 2014, Malaysian flight MH370 departed the Kuala Lumpur International Airport enroute the Beijing Capital International Airport with 228 passengers and 11 crew members. Till date, nothing has being heard about its exact whereabouts.

Considered one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history, the incidence has attracted global outcry and multi-national search estimated at $200 million and covering four six thousand square miles. Despite these search efforts, no explanation has been provided by either the Malaysian, Chinese or Australian government where the plane was first believed to have crashed.

Theories after theories on the disappearance of the aircraft, the families of the victims still haven’t stopped looking for the whereabouts of their loved ones, including vows to launch their own private search. According to ABC news, the search efforts since the day of the flight’s disappearance, have stretched the boundaries of science, but so far have seemed fruitless.

While the friends and families of those involved attended events to mark the anniversary of the tragedy, the new search hunt to find the aircraft is expected to end by mid-June. The question remains: is it indeed, goodbye for the 239 persons abroad the MH370?

Isah, writes from Ibrahim Badamasi Babagida University, Lapai.