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PDP’s Second Chance Plea



In preparation for 2019, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) apologised to Nigerians for its past mistakes.

National chairman of PDP, Uche Secondus remarked “I hereby, as the National Chairman, do admit that the PDP made a lot of mistakes; we are humans, not spirits and the ability to admit is key in moving forward.

“We admit that we have made several mistakes; we have passed through all our challenges and have acquired the experience no other party can boast of.

“We were sanctioned by Nigerians at the polls in 2015; let me use this opportunity to apologise for our past mistakes.

“It is the honest thing to do, a legacy to transfer to our children; we cannot continue like that.
“When we make mistakes, we should come out boldly to the people and apologise.

“It is important to do so because we have learnt from our mistakes unlike the All Progressive Congress (APC) that will make mistakes and lie to cover it.

“We apologise to Nigerians that we have made mistakes, we have learnt our lessons and we are ready to begin on a new agenda; experience is the best teacher, no other party has it,”

Time to give my honest opinion. The million dollar is, can a leopard change its spots? Can the PDP unlearn corruption, brigandry, and impunity in the last three years? Can they change all they have learnt in 16 years in just three years? I don’t think so.

Their apology should be seen in the light of one of the titles of James Hardly Chase novels; Believe This and You’ll Believe Anything. We accept PDPs apology but if they think sane Nigerians will vote them back to Aso Rock in 2019, then they need to have their heads examined.

Nigerians are loving people and we forgive easily. We have forgiven the PDP. But we have not forgotten how they looted the country into recession. We have not forgotten how Boko Haram graduated from a rag tag in Borno to international terrorists, with close to 50,000 Nigerians killed and millions displaced by the insurgency.

We have not forgotten how some few individuals enriched themselves at our expense, while we are still in the struggle to leave the third world country cadre.

Waziri Adio, the executive secretary of the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI), said the country earned $592bn from the oil and gas sector from 1999 to 2014. In naira, that’s over N77 trillion.

Let’s see what we could have achieved with that amount of money. Dangote ‘s refinery cost $12 billion with a capacity of 650,000 barrels of oil per day. According to the International Energy Agency, current daily fuel consumption is 260,000 barrels. So in essence, only Dangote refinery has the capacity to take care of domestic fuel consumption.

There are smaller refineries which cost $5billion with a production capacity of 300,000 barrels per day. Four of these types of refineries with a total combined cost of $20 billion will make fuel scarcity a distant memory in Nigeria. But the good people of the PDP, who earned close to $600 billion never thought of spending just N20 billion to build four refineries in Nigeria or build a single refinery like the Dangote’s type at N12billion.

They even had the guts and temerity to criticise the government of the day for the fuel scarcity we experienced from December to March.

The East – West Road has been a conduit pipe for corruption in the last 16 years.N100b is all that is needed for the government to complete that all important road but it has been an ongoing project for 18 years now.

In 16 years we are still struggling to provide 5000 mega watts of electricity.
We have not also forgotten the assassinations of prominent Nigerians like Bola Ige and the rest. We have not even forgotten the kidnapping of a sitting Governor. Do I still go on?

The truth is; the PDP had every opportunity of taking Nigeria from a third world country to the level of countries like Singapore and Malaysia but most of the leaders’ corruption was on steroids and we are still stuck where we are and the same set of people want to take over in 2019.

Like I said on this page some weeks ago, the PDP will win some states back and still retain governors in their strongholds like the South South and South East but I don’t see them winning the Presidency in the nearest future. Four years is too short for them to atone for their sins.

It will be difficult for the party to shed its corruption toga right now no matter how many apologies they make, no matter how many times they go to River Jordan to bathe and cleanse their sins ,the PDP can apologise from now till thy Kingdom come, but some of us will still not believe them.

But this is Nigeria, anything can happen in 2019.We have seen rape victims falling in love with their rapists. Like we say in local parlance, PDP “park well” .


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