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PMB’s Bombshell To APC NEC Members



After nearly three years, President Muhammadu Buhari has finally woken up from his slumber to set the tone for leadership in the All Progressives Congress (APC).

It’s no secret that the APC is hanging on a thread and if care is not taken, is heading for implosion. In almost all the states of the federation, the party is engulfed in crisis.

The chairman of APC, John Odigie – Oyegun has so far not shown leadership in directing the affairs of the party. The president, who is the leader of the party, had been aloof to party affairs and in most cases, act as if he got to the Presidency as an independent candidate. The biggest opposition to policies and laws of the president is usually from the APC lawmakers in the National Assembly and you sometimes wonder if they have a party chairman in APC.

But the president has put spanner in the works of party members who wanted tenure extension for the National Working Committee led by Oyegun. Citing relevant sections of the party’s constitution, Buhari declared that the planned extension is illegal. The party right now is faced with two options- hold a convention before June this year and risk it’s consequences or the NEC of the party overrules the president and go ahead with the extension of Oyegun ‘s tenure .

It’s turning out to be a two- way battle between Oyegun with a majority of the governors on his side and Bola Tinubu, who has never hidden the fact that he wants Oyegun out as the chairman.
With the governors on Oyegun’s side, if he decides to seek for re-election, he will definitely win as the governors control the delegates that will vote in the convention.

Meanwhile, the president is gradually learning the ropes in politics as he was ready to sacrifice Oyegun for Tinubu. He needs the Jagaban to secure South West votes while Oyegun cannot be relied on to deliver even Edo State votes for the president.

The only way for the APC to find its bearing is for the president to take charge and show interest in the internal workings of the party. He has taken the first step and he needs to maintain this tempo.