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Hauwa Alhabura, Mr. Ibu Grace Private Screening of ‘The Eve’



It was a night of style and grandeur when movie lovers and social influencers as well as practitioners in the film industry came for the premiere of the talk-of-the-town movie titled ‘The Eve’.

The event which was held last Saturday at Ember Creek, Lagos had star-studded guest appearances including top Nollywood actors, movie makers, entertainers, the media and movie lovers.

‘The Eve’ is a romantic comedy that parades a seasoned cast which includes Beverly Naya, Adeolu Adefarasin, John Okafor aka ‘Mr. Ibu’, Ronke Oshodi, and many more.

Delectable Hauwa Alhabura, one of producers of the movie, noted that “The Eve” which is a RomCom is one movie that buffs would love to watch on account of the diverse cast and hilarious scenes.

Written by the trio of Tunde Babalola, Tosin Igho and Martin Adieze,  it tells the story of a young man, Funso, who has a bachelor’s eve to go through (you read that right) but isn’t really prepared for the drama, passion and ridiculousness that he is eventually thrust in that night.

Adeolu Adefarasin plays Funso and Beverly Naya who isn’t a newcomer in the romcom department, plays his annoying fiancé, Yewande.

Both of them are in love – or so it seems – and are supposed to get married a day after their lives are visited by questions that make them reconsider the big ‘I do’.

However, while they fight these battles, individually, the couple realize the biggest fight lies between them and what’s more, there are secrets that once revealed may just cause them to rethink certain decisions made. Kunle Remi would be a lead singer in a boy band featuring Efa, Adeolu Adefarasin and Mawuli Gavor. With the synchronisation of good music, beautiful pictures, extremely sexy feel and great cinematography, “The Eve” wouldn’t only entertain you, but it would leave you wondering when Nollywood would take the bull by the horn and maybe have another scintillating relationship with musicals.





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