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What Easter Means to Me



As the world celebrates the resurrection of Christ today, ANKELI EMMANUEL, TYOHENBA HENRIa, ABDULGAFAR OLADIMEJI, ANDREW OJIH and GABRIEL ATUMEYI sampled opinions of Christians across the nation on the significance of His death and resurrection.


“We thank God, Easter is a festive period for the remembrance, the suffering and death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. People do celebrate Easter in a big way, but the economy of the country has turned the celebration, somehow upside down.

Though, personally, as a mother, I will be a (Dorcas)- I will use my talent no matter how small it is to put a smile on some else face. It is a time to replicate the spiritual lessons of open heart and generosity.

It is a period of reflection and supplications for the good of our home front, the nation and our leaders. And I noted that the church has now keyed into this perspective.

– Chief (Mrs) Gloria Nwanji, Teacher and Community Mobilizer

“Easter brings us together to think about our lives, our deeds and our intent and mission on earth. The economy is harsh, but as things stand out within this 2018 Easter celebration , we are all joined as one, we ourselves as one, Easter messages from our leaders irrespective of religious or tribal differences, the messages been churned our  preach love, forgiveness and unity. In Easter, I  find out that, we are championing the course of national unity, as our leaders speak in same tune.

To be  honest with you, business is  dull,  people don’t have the purchasing power. The  markets are not bursting like with Easter shoppers. But we must appreciate the gift of live, which is the paramount essence of celebrating Easter. I must add, in recent past,  three years ago, we were celebrating under tense atmosphere, due to activities of insurgents, this time the atmosphere is charge free, but no cash to top up the celebration mood.

-Chief Sydney Emeafu, Chairman, National Union of Lottery Agents and Employers, Kano state chapter.

“I want to state here that, we should not lose focus on what the celebration of Easter stand to portray. Easter is afar differing from other Christian spiritual celebrations, Easter is different, because we as Christians are not under biblical directives to throw parties, and rather we are expected to reflect and be in a sober mood. The celebration is low key compared to some years back, now people are more spiritually conscious, I observed that all prayers said during Lenten and Good Friday in 2018 is centred in asking God for a better Nigeria and benedictions for our leaders the gif t of wisdom to steer and anchor the nation at the right moor.

– Moses Shuaib, CEO M and M, Cyber café


I see Easter as a holy period requiring forgiveness and prayerfulness. I plan to spend my Easter by going to my church which is ECWA at Utako where I am a chorister, after which I will go home to cook a delicious fried rice and chicken. Then I will take the day off to visit friends and relatives since I am not married. But along my movements I also intend to visit Shoprite in Jabi to amuse myself.

-Peace Thomas, from Nassarawa eggon, in Nassarawa state.

I think Easter is a season of celebration and love. Although I am not a Christian but I have made arrangement with some of my friends who are Christians. So on that day after they return from church we would visit the millennium park in Garki and subsequently in the day we will go on a visit to one of our friends in Nyanya who invited us to mark the Occasion with her family.

Maryam from Osun state

We need to understand the meaning of Easter. It is not just a normal occasion, you need to be in Christ Jesus to truly understand what it signifies. It is a time to dwell in God’s presence and give an account of your life. It is a time to reflect on the input you have made for the kingdom of heaven and your generation as well. On that day I will begin by going to church and after that I will go out to spend some time with friends and visit some relatives as well.

Gabriel Adole Simon, from benue state.

Easter to me signifies the salvation of Jesus Christ. It symbolises his death and resurrection for our sins. But many people celebrate it today in a selfish way and not in the many God will like. Jesus Christ will like us to celebrate it in spirit, to let people know that Jesus was born and died because of our sin. So let us let Jesus resurrect in our life. I will begin the day by going to church, from there I will spend it with my family at home where we will cook, eat, drink and show love as Christ instructed us.

David Audu, I am from Olamaboro local government of Kogi State

It is a time of meditation where we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. But due to the economic downturn people are not willing to celebrate because you cannot hold a celebration without rice, meat, music and so on. My intention for the celebration of Easter is to glorify the name of the Lord, through the convocation in the Christendom but it is not how I normally celebrate Easter, there usually is a pleasant atmosphere whereby friends and well wishers, brothers and sisters and in laws celebrate with us because it is something big, for someone to lay his life for the salvation of the world.

Prince Iyke, Abuja


I see Easter as a festive period where you get to meet friends and relatives you have not seen in a while. I will begin my day by cooking and preparing the meal we would consume for the day, I am sure it will be fried rice and chicken stew, and then I will go for mass in Wuse. After church I have series of visits to catch up on. I will visit my school friends and some church members.

Dorothy Ekpe, from Benue state


I see Easter as a time to renew our vow and dedication to our faith. It calls for connection with our essence which is Christ Jesus. I will start the day by going to church and after church I will go and have fun with my friends, we have planned a swimming trip. So I think it will be nice because it is the only time for such we will have in a long time.

Saint Godwin, from Cross River


The current economic hardship is affecting everybody. The hardship has gone to the extent that to feed family is a problem. In past when the economy of Nigeria was in good condition, businessmen do pray for festive season to come because people could settle their bills.

Prince Philip King , businessman

“We believe that all the difficulty at the moment is just temporary, we continue to pray for our leaders to govern us with the fear of God. If the APC led administration don’t wake up to live up to its responsibilities, Nigerians in two to three years’ time would all die hunger.

Ms Blessing Birani, resident of Nyamussala


“ The essence of celebrating this day by Christians is because, it’s the day our Lord Jesus Christ resurrected from death on the third day after he was killed on the cross of Calvary for the sake of our sins. Without the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day, Christianity would have had no meaning. Jesus was born like every other human, took on human flesh and came into the world only to die for our salvation.

The resurrection of Christ on the third day is the reason why Christians continue to have faith, knowing fully well that, Jesus died and raised again and they as believers will equally rose with him on the last day. For me, Easter must remain a daily celebration in our lives.  As Christians because Jesus died and rose for our sake. Jesus gave us assurance of His resurrection.

Rev. Akubu Timothy, Pastor, Christian Evangelical Fellowship of Nigeria (CEFN) Sokoto Branch.


For me, Easter should mean everything for Christians because it gives us the hope of being with Christ on the last day. I believe all Christians should remember that, Jesus suffered for our sake. We should try to forsake our sins to enable us share in His glory.

Biola Oyowole from Sokoto


“Easter is the basis for Christianity. Jesus gave us life and we must appreciate that by celebrating his sacrifices for us.

Owolabi Afolabi Micheal, member of Cherubin and Seraphin Saint Micheal Sacred Church, old airport, Sokoto

To me I think Leah Sharibu is the ultimate reason for my celebration this season. She portrayed what Christianity is all about by refusing to denounce her faith amidst threat to her life. I want to celebrate her and pray for safety. I wish you all happy Easter celebration, may you feel the love of this season.

– Martha Vande.


We recall the suffering of our Lord, the torment and grief she endured. Usually this period is regarded as a joyful celebration of the ressurection of Christ in Christianity and this is reflected in the symbolism and greeting usually used – Happy Easter. Therefore, I want to say happy Easter celebration to all my friends and family. May all your dreams and wishes come true.

– Cletus Sesugh, St Martins, Lugbe.


As we celebrate Easter which is primarily about celebrating the death, burial and resuretion of Christ,  I want to urge Christians faithfuls all over the world to imbibe the virtues of faith and desist from sinful acts. Happy Easter.

– Chinyere Blessing, Pentecostal Church,  Lugbe.


For me I’m spending some quality time with my family here in Abuja to reflect on the precious life God has given us. I want to encourage families all over the world to use this opportunity and reflect on their lives and learn how to forgive one another. Happy Easter to all.

– Stephen Waters, St Joseph Catholic Church, Lugbe.


To me Easter is a period of forgiveness and sacrifice. This is where Christ died on the cross for our sins. My message therefore, is that we should emulate Christ virtues and apply them on our day to day with one another. Helping those who can’t help themselves, forgiving those who offend us and seeing others ourselves.

– Bem. K. Abraham, Our Lady Queen Of Nigeria Pro-Cathedral, Garki.


Easter is a period people must sacrifice for one another. It was through Jesus selfless sacrifice that he was able to cleanse us of our sins. Therefore, the death of Christ has given us the confidence that our enemy has been defeated. Let us therefore, approach His throne of grace to have our own share of this victory. I wish everyone a happy Easter celebration. On my part I’m here celebrating with my family and I pray for God’s mercy us this period.

Agatha Haruna, St Kizito Catholic Church, Kuje.