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2019: PDP Alleges Clampdown Plot On Opposition, CSOs, Others



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday raised the alarm over an alleged plot by what it called certain agents of the federal government and the All Progressives Congress (APC) to clamp down on key members of the opposition parties ahead of the 2019 general elections.

According to the party,part of this heinous plot is also to arrest members of the civil society, opinion leaders, the media and professional groups who refused to buy into the fabrications, lies, deceptions and propaganda of the APC and the federal government.

A statement by PDP national publicity secretary, Kola Olagbondiyan, said they have been reliably informed that the plot against opposition will be hinged on trump up charges of corruption, allegations of plotting to disrupt the processes leading to the 2019 general elections as well as alleged politicisation of security issues in the country.

The statement added, “the first leg of this scheme is to commence a vicious intimidation and harassment of PDP members who have refused to succumb to pressure to join the APC in their undemocratic quest to create room for a one party state in Nigeria.

“This will be followed by arrests, detention as well as jailing of members of the opposition and others perceived to be opposed to the interests of the APC ahead of the elections.

“It is important to state that the trajectory of our political history neither provides a space for a one party state nor a self-succession shenanigan that seeks occupation of political offices without elections,” the major opposition party said.

PDP, while stating it grew the current democracy to become sustainable and successfully handed power to the opposition after the 2015 general election, said it has a responsibility to ensure that democracy and the application of its tenets flourish without let in the country.

“The PDP and the majority of Nigerians, rallying under our repositioned platform, will never be intimidated or cowed on the principles of democracy.

“All we are saying is that the APC and its federal government must provide good governance and live up to its campaign promises of eradicating corruption, vanquishing insurgency and bringing our currency to the value of one naira to one US dollar, among others.

“We want the APC and the federal government to know that this country belongs to all of us and that this plot against the people will be firmly resisted not only by the members of our party but also by generality of Nigerians and the international community at large,” the PDP said.



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