Breakup could be bitter and may be an emotional draining period for the parties involved. However, the truth is that when you have issues or when separation calls, it is good you both keep your cool because anything can happen.

If the line of communication is still open, you can try these steps to see if you can win her back.

Find out what went wrong

You should try to open the gaps of communication so you can know what went wrong. It might be that you haven’t been treating her right, you have been neglecting her, either by not listening to her, making her feel appreciated, or not spending enough time with her.

You may have thought you were getting away with it, but you weren’t. These issues might have built up to the extent that she decides to call it quits.

Work on yourself

The breakup period is a time to work on yourself and develop yourself. Get to the gym, start running, find something new, get more education if need be, make new friends and constantly improve on yourself. Sometimes, your dependency and zeal can win her back they may be moved by the fact that you are working on yourself or improving on your weak areas. In scenarios where you’ve made the mistakes, she’ll be waiting and watching to see how you will address them.

Show affection but don’t be desperate

It might be a period where you shower her with more affection so she may know you care, however be not be desperate or get on her nerves. Showering her with over-the-top displays of affection via incessant emails and text messages may not be effective.

Try again

If you still have the lines of communication open, you can decide to try again. Even if she misses you, it’s unlikely she’ll reach out and be the one to make amends, so you can decide to make the moves if you notice she is still interested.

Accept and move on

Doing all this may not be a guarantee that you will win her back. If she tells you to your face that she doesn’t love you anymore, you have to accept her words, know that you cannot force it. The relationship is not only about you, but about her. Remember, it takes two to tangle, so if you aren’t getting a green light, it is time to move on. .