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Looters Comment: Former Gov Oshiomhole, Desperate To Lead APC, says Save Ijaw Nation Group



The save Ijaw nation Group (SING) has lashed out at former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, for urging President Muhammadu Buhari to deal ruthlessly with alleged looters, describing his statement as despotic and dictatorial.

The group in a statement issued Monday by its director of programmes, Comrade Idris Usman, SING described the ex-governor as a politician, simply playing to the gallery just to be noticed.

Usman also claimed that the former governor had no moral rights to speak on corruption, stressing that his actions while in office, left so much to be desired in the areas of probity and accountability.

The statement said: “Our attention has been drawn to a report in the dailies of Monday 9th August, where former Edo Governor Adams Oshiomhole had unjustly disparaged the immediate past administration while defending the Federal Government over the $1billion billed to be spent on security, without National Assembly approval. While calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to deal ruthlessly with alleged looters of state resources, Oshiomhole had insinuated, in the report, that the last administration of ex-President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan also made extra-budgetary approvals, in the prosecution of the war against insurgency.

“Although it is not our responsibility to defend the policies of ex-President Jonathan, we will however not fold our arms and watch a former governor tell lies and encourage dictatorship and tyranny in a democracy, where the rule of law should reign supreme. We had thought that two term Governor of Edo State should live up to his billing as a law-abiding former labour leader by defend democracy at all times. However, his call for the administration of President Buhari to “deal ruthlessly” with alleged corrupt politicians, outside the purview of ongoing court processes, amounts to an irresponsible support for illegality and unconstitutionality.

“As an organization fighting for the survival and advancement of the Ijaw nation, as well as promotion of good governance in our society, we see it as a clear call to duty to always rise against any action that negatively affects our democracy or promotes injustice against our people.”

It said further: “Through this statement, which Oshiomhole has not denied, he has just proved to be a pretender and egoistic villain ever ready to compromise the constitution and progress of the land, in his obvious desperation to return to relevance.

“We are aware that Oshiomhole is desperate to be noticed so he can emerge as All Progressives Congress (APC) Chairman, he has lost control of his mouth. We pity him and hope he finds a new job as soon as possible because jobless people are dangerous people.

“We are convinced that, given his track record and dirty dealings while in office, Oshiomhole can never personify responsible governance, and should be the least person to moralise on corruption issues.

“Former Governor Oshiomhole should first tell Nigerians how he got the funds to build his super mansions in Abuja, Kaduna and Edo State. The former Governor cannot convince Nigerians that his Mobutu-style palatial mansion which parades such vanities as a personal zoo, artificial lakes and superfluous bridges at Iyamoh in Edo State was funded through his legitimate earnings as a public servant. He cannot even convince anybody that he funded the project through loans as no bank would channel its resources to fund an extravagant project that is not designed to yield any income.

“We believe that the time will soon come when all politicians that had pillaged the nation’s resources, including Oshiomhole, will all be truly brought to account for the deeds.”



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