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Ogun: Charting A New Political Order Ahead Of 2019



According to Mahatma Gandhi, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. Ogun State needs a leader that can erect superstructures, improve existing infrastructure, instill discipline, reduce a culture of waste and inculcate a new ethics of doing things with less greed and avarice.

Otumba Adeleye, a core elite, broad minded, progressive, experienced technocrat, is very self acquainted with the core norms and values of leadership. He is a crusader for peaceful co-existence and good governance. He has become a role model and inevitably the most worthy governor to be in Ogun State.

To summarize it all, Otumba Adeleye has acquired all the pre-requisite credentials of becoming a governor; he has mastered all the techniques, intricacies, politics and national implication of the office of executive governor. He is able, willing to serve and shall work assiduously to defend the confidence that will be reposed in him and has promised  not to betray nor disappoint the good people of Ogun State.

One political glad tiding and remarkable factor in favour of Otumba Adeleye as the acceptable and for being the right peg in the right hole in 2019 is that he maintains and enjoys the most robust and courteous mutual human relationship with all the major and minor ethnic groups in the State. He has love for everyone–this love, mutual and cordial relationship he enjoys from all the tribes in the State emanated as a result of his grassroots background in politics.

In addition, his longtime political engagements and the various offices he has occupied compared to other contenders for the seat stands him out. Above all, he is a God-fearing personality, the number one quality of a good leader.

The way forward can only be found if and when all progressives in Ogun State give maximum consideration to the over-riding state interest, as against personal or sectional goals.

The Otumba Adeleye administration by the grace of God is promising the necessary initiative for an unbiased analysis and practical efforts towards solving the State’s problems which indeed, past and present administrations have strived and are still striving to achieve. There is the answer for a better Ogun State in Otumba Adeleye.

He has promised to look into the establishment of quality schools, especially junior secondary schools and secondary schools in the area.  He shall revamp, reposition and increase funding of tertiary institutions in the State to give all and sundry access to quality education, in addition to free girl-child education and enhanced feeding for boarding students.

In the area of affordable housing for the people, his focuse will be the provision of affordable housing estates in major cities of the State,  promising also that water supply schemes shall be looked into critically i.e. expansion of water supply projects, drilling of motorized and hand-pump boreholes.

He has also promised the  revitalization of the transport sector, purchase of brand new buses through Public Private Partnership Initiative (PPP), the worthiness in the procurement of heavy duty machine for each of the 20 LGAs, adding that there will be commitment and dedication in the control of diseases, such as malaria and other diseases throughout the State via a well-funded and motivated medical personnels. The women rehabilitation and empowerment programmes and the ample opportunities to be given to women in all the tiers of government shall be of priority.

In addition, various cultural programmes like the annual Ojude Oba in Ijebu-Ode are memorable as they promote tourism, unity and cohesion– these shall definitely catch the attention of Otumba Adeleye’s administration through good funding.Additional villages and district areas shall be manned by village and district heads with incentives for improved good governance and communal security.

Agriculture which was the main attention to the State’s GDP before will receive every attention and all necessary support through an enabling visible business environment in all the value chain of agriculture. This will have a ripple effect on the State’s economy because the Otumba Adeleye’s administration by the grace of God will see agriculture as a business.

For reasons advanced above and numerous others, there is no doubt that the move toward a genuine and enduring democratic transition for the country at large and Ogun State in particular calls for the application of caution, restraint and moderation by all good people of Ogun State.

Finally, I humbly and passionately appeal and solicit for a mandate for Otumba Adeleye to become the executive governor of Ogun State come 2019.

–Ogunnubi wrote in from Abuja




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